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It was a pleasing experience for all of us. Its aerobics seemed to attract various passersby and also we children spent a great deal of time watching it. We went up several steps to purchase the tickets. Though I have visited the zoo a number of times with my family, this experience with my friends was indeed fun and memorable. Furthermore, the monkeys, chimpanzees and also orang-utans seem to appear amusing not only physically because of their long limbs but also because of their behaviour.

It was buffet that we ate till our hearts content and then had ice cream.

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Sometimes he yawned and showed his large teeth and big mouth. Some children were teasing it. Just type and press 'enter' Search for: Rock Skinned Rhinoceros Moving further, we came across a one horned rhinoceros which seemed to be relaxing in the pond nearby.

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Some of them were sitting on the banks and preening their feathers. I was mesmerized upon viewing the black swan, by its marvellous black shade and the elegance with which it was floating in the pond.

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Essay on Zoo Visit: The tickets had already been purchased by the school case study company names in advance, hence upon reaching we directly entered the zoo unlike other people who were standing in the queues at the ticket counters.

There were so many birds, animals and reptiles that it is difficult to remember each one of them. He gave me a handful of them. Normally there are different sections for different types of animals.

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Conclusion Since there was some cleaning and renovation taking place in the underground reptiles section, electronic cigarettes essay conclusion was closed and thus we were not able to visit it.

The next evening we jumped into the car and our father drove us to the zoo.

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I enjoyed it most. It was all a beautiful scene.

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Magnificent and Colourful Birds Coming back on the ground level, we encountered a very big cage where the birds including the hornbill, peacock, shikra, kite, etc. Essay on a Visit to a Zoo — Essay 2 words Introduction Visit to a Zoological park has always been an enchanting and mesmerizing experience for all of us, especially in our childhood days.

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It was funny to see him only concentrate on the honey and completely ignore the fierce roars that were coming from the nearby ditches. We visited the tigers, lions and bears shut in cages.

  • In a cage we saw a lion.
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  • Once I got an opportunity to visited by thousands of people every day.

They run graze or move in enclaves or jump on trees. As the naughty animals picked them up I felt very happy. Select Page Zoo Essay A facility for housing animals within enclosures and domesticating them in this captivity has been formulated by human beings since old times.

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It was pleasing indeed to hear them. We found the monkeys very funny and tried to copy them. They are kept in cages and are most carefully looked after.

  • And moreover the swans, as white as pearls, floating along their partners offered a magnificent picturesque image.
  • Though I was tired and exhausted walking all day long, it is still the best birthday I have ever had, having spent the entire day watching the animals with whom I had been fascinated since infancy.

Dressed neatly in the school uniforms along with the sport shoes, we set out for the journey by having assembled ourselves in the school bus. I and my friends were lucky enough to see the peacock with its open feathers.

We were watching the lions in their cage when one of them gave a mighty roar.

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However, a teenager still feels mesmerised and enchanted at the sight of the wild animals in their natural habitat when zoo essay for class 7 is pictured on the television screen. Inside it, we saw a number of snakes of all sizes and colours.

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The zoo at Luck now is situated in a open space near Hazratganj.