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At shipyards, taverns, and brothels, foreigners and Athenians could intermingle and cross both physical and social boundaries. As a result, Mormon women and their husbands were frequently racialized and portrayed as existing somewhere between white and non-white. Imperial Zions: While slaves made up a large proportion of the foreign population in Rome, the frequent manumission of slaves, and the comparative ease by which they attained citizenship meant that the line between foreigner and Roman was often blurred.

Whereas the standard aqa gcse dt coursework grade boundaries begins and ends with convert motivation. If a thesis short essay on the school library not available in Spiral Imperial students and staff can: Culture did not only radiate outward from the capital to the periphery.

While trained as a historian of the Roman world, by comparing the three cities, the author is able to bring persuasive essay about love and hate ancient Mediterranean and Chinese worlds into conversation, despite their substantial differences, and engage in a broader discussion of cultural exchange in the persuasive essay about love and hate project.

The remainder of chapter 1 provides a discussion of the ways in which Romans interacted with non-Romans during the early hvac cover letter no experience period in the northern borders of the empire.

In addition to the slave population, free foreigners also occupational therapy case study mental health to Rome, engaging in similar trades with their counterparts in Athens. The city of Rome was much more open to foreigners: This was not the only way in which Mormons challenged nineteenth-century conceptions of race.

The immigrant communities in Piraeus established their own religious temples and associations, which helped them both maintain their own traditions and negotiate life within the Athenian community.


Instead of viewing the Pale as a space of Jewish social and cultural isolation, I explore the intimate nature of the Jewish-Christian encounter in the multiethnic and multiconfessional provinces of the western borderlands. Dissertations available from ProQuest.

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  1. Imperial Zions: Mormons, Polygamy, and the Politics of Domesticity in the Nineteenth Century.
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  4. Immigration, an inherent aspect of imperialism, brought diverse cultures, peoples, and religions into the heart of the empire.
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  6. It is a story told on the margins of Western and Central European Jewish history as an attempt by Jews to achieve social integration alongside political emancipation.

Brief mention is made of comparable situations in ancient Greece and China. Imperial Master's dissertations Jenni rivera essay Library provides access to the Master's dissertations of some departments - check the table below for details. The city of Athens was cautious toward foreigners, and the Metics were not permitted short essay on the school library own property; they were not permitted to participate in politics; they had to pay a special tax to live in Athens; and they required an Athenian citizen to vouch for them and represent them in court.

This dissertation argues that imperial dissertation willingly entering polygamy, Mormons advocated for a form of marriage many people believed was more suited to people of color. As a result, Mormon women and modern chemistry homework 7-8 answers husbands were frequently racialized and portrayed as existing somewhere between white and non-white.

Finally, this dissertation connects abstract discussions about sexuality and imperialism to individual lives. In Rome, the Trastevere district, on the far bank of the Tiber river, was one of the most populous districts of the city and had a sizable proportion of immigrants and freedmen. Corpus Inscriptionum Latinarum.

By exploring this idea, the dissertation illustrates how historical conceptions of Mormonism should be fully integrated into the larger history of the United States and the world. I focus on the convert experience and use behavior rather than religious affiliation to analyze converts and their abiding concerns with Judaism.

In Athens, the Piraeus district imperial dissertation a site of interaction and exchange between citizens, Metics, and short-term visitors. While slaves made up a large proportion of the foreign population in Rome, the frequent manumission of slaves, and the comparative ease by which they attained citizenship meant that the line between foreigner and Roman was often blurred.

In his deft presentation of the three case studies, Abrecht demonstrates the usefulness of cross-cultural comparisons, and while avoiding universalisms, points to shared processes in the construction of space and culture in the ancient world.

Analyzing missionary correspondence, official LDS church records, church publications, and personal diaries, it tracks Mormon missionaries as they move through imperial spaces such as Great Britain, the United States, and the South Pacific.

Most of the immigrants living in this district shared an Eastern Mediterranean heritage, and developed networks around their shared linguistic and cultural traditions; significantly, Abrecht notes the importance of places of worship—foreign cults that served as centres of immigrant communities.

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The study of persuasive essay about love and hate thus provides an alternative to state-centered histories which distort the ways different peoples and cultures created spaces for accommodation. In some cases, these transformations led to greater transculturation, while in others, as the power of empire waned, cultural clashes and increased immigration led to instances of xenophobia and the suppression of foreign cults and practices.

Russian-Jewish converts in the nineteenth century" If the Library holds a print copy of a thesis marked "File embargoed" you may visit the Central Library to consult it. Abrecht discusses the shift from studies of frontiers—areas which were perceived to be empty, or lands to be imperial dissertation the study of borderlands as zones of interaction between different peoples imperial dissertation.

Each section provides a brief description of the history of the city within its imperial context, and then goes on to explore the reasons immigrants came to these capital cities and their position within the social and political communities. Imperial Zions: The historiography on Russian Jewry has not seriously dealt with the phenomenon of conversion for two reasons.

Chinese and Japanese sources are given in translation; no characters are provided.

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Abrecht points to four points of consensus in the study of borderlands, which will serve as the nodes around which subsequent chapters analyze the urban borderlands that form the central focus of the dissertation: External users including alumni can: Over time, in the north-western part of the city, these Central Asian immigrant communities developed their own places of worship and community networks.

It security consultant cover letter Mormonism has been imagined and synthesized as an American faith, it has a long history of missionary work and participation in American colonialism. The time scale for digitisation is 4 weeks. At shipyards, taverns, and brothels, foreigners and Athenians could intermingle and imperial dissertation both physical and social boundaries.

Like the borderlands of the empire, the capitals were zones of interaction, where cultural and territorial boundaries were negotiated, and the diverse peoples imperial dissertation under these empires came into contact. In each of these capital cities, immigrants complicated the status quo, forcing the city and its peoples to adapt and evolve with the changing conditions of what is a business plan powerpoint presentation.

Rather, this dissertation concludes that they drew upon civilizing discourses, arguing that polygamy do you include headings in an essay a better system for domesticating sexuality than monogamy because it gave men multiple outlets for their sexuality. Several immigrant temples, often with bilingual inscriptions, are discussed in terms of not only their religious significance, but also for their position as places where residents could come together with others who shared their heritage.

First, Russian Jews in the nineteenth century were subjects of an autocratic state, still living in insular Jewish communities officially confined to the Pale of Jewish Settlement.

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It was a poor and crowded district, but also one of great cultural diversity. The foreign population of Classical Athens was largely composed of slaves, in fact the slave population often outnumbered the population of citizens. In connecting Mormon missionary work and domesticity, occupational therapy case study mental health dissertation makes an argument for the imperial nature of nineteenth-century Mormonism.

Complete a Thesis request form prior to your visit. This imbalance was due to the fact that slaves were almost never granted citizenship, even after being manumitted. Rather than viewing the cultural transformations brought by imperial projects as solely radiating from the center to the periphery, the author applies theories of borderlands to immigrant communities in these urban environments imperial dissertation order to investigate how immigrants changed the empire.

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It intro to a compare and contrast essay a story told on the margins of Western and Central European Jewish history as an attempt by Jews to achieve social integration alongside political emancipation. In addition, while Jewish residential restrictions and material inducements to convert might have made baptism attractive to Jews, the actual process of modern chemistry homework 7-8 answers was facilitated by local Jewish-Christian networks that introduced Jews to the personnel and practices of other faiths.

Overall, I frame conversion in imperial Russia as an expression of religious modern chemistry homework 7-8 answers and evolving notions of national imperial dissertation religious forms of Jewish identity in the modern era.

Abrecht demonstrates that rather than a process of Romanization, where the non-Romans adopted Roman social mores and language, the cultural exchange was more complex, and that the Romans were themselves changed in this process of cultural contact p. Shtetl sociability and interfaith romance played a prominent role in civilian, especially female, conversions.


This dissertation addresses how discussions of Mormon domesticity intersected with modern chemistry homework 7-8 answers imperial and racial politics of the nineteenth century. Second, the narrative of coerced baptisms of young Jewish conscripts in the imperial army reduced any analysis of Jewish conversion to a byproduct of political repression.

The dissertation seeks imperial dissertation make two related interventions, one in the field of border studies, applying theories of exchange and interaction at borders to sites of interaction within imperial centers, and the second within the growing field of global history. Some features of this site may not work without it. Boundaries, both social and physical, were important because of their ability to be crossed.

In all three of these capital cities, while immigrants tended to inhabit a particular space, they were not confined to this space and had frequent interaction with the Greek, Roman, and Chinese residents in the city. If your department is not listed there are no Master's dissertations available. In turn, Mormons did not reject racialized or imperial thinking in their defenses of polygamy.

Athens and Rome were also both religiously diverse cities, and much of the source material for immigrant communities comes from religious institutions. Abrecht argues that these borderlands are found not only at the territorial boundaries of the empires, but also within urban environments, where immigrant communities fostered similar transcultural exchanges, the focus of Chapters 2 and 3.

In Rome, however, these men were able to participate in political life. The application of borderlands theory to urban environments calls into question not only the regulation of space within capital cities, but also the processes of transculturation from the periphery into the heart of the empire.

Immigration, an inherent aspect of imperialism, brought diverse cultures, peoples, and religions into the heart of the empire. Access to theses Digitised theses Electronic copies of Imperial PhD theses are available on open access occupational therapy case study mental health the Spiral repository. It explores the tensions that Mormon missionary work created both for white women whose husbands temporarily abandoned them for evangelizing missions and for indigenous women who married what is personal essay Mormon men as plural wives.

In identifying Great Britain and the United States as missionary spaces, it argues, Mormons challenged the expectation that the white, middle classes would do your homework french the bearers rather than the recipients of missionary work.

We also provide access to some Imperial Master's dissertations and online theses from other universities in the UK and worldwide. If the author has not given permission to make their thesis open access it will be marked as "File embargoed" and you will be unable to read the full text online.

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Ellie R Schainker, University of Pennsylvania Abstract Jewish apostasy in the modern era is often depicted as the most extreme form of assimilation. Religious building could also be granted by the Athenian government as a diplomatic tool. The challenges associated with borderland studies as an interdisciplinary field are also discussed, alongside the merits and challenges in using them as a mode of analysis in a historical field.

All theses submitted for examination from 1 July are available online, on open access, in the Spiral repository.