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Race of Indus Civilisation 3. The discovery of various toilet jars made of ivory, metal pottery and stone have led the scholars to the conclusion that the people were in the habit of using powder. The early layers lie submerged under sub-soil water. These two empires were extremely productive and successful and played a key role in the advancement of human life. Origins of a Civilization: Causes for the Destruction of Indus Valley Culture:

This is indicated by the presence of large number of dieses during the course of excavation.

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Dress and Ornaments: Banerjee in and Mackary has suggested that some sort of oil or incense was burnt before this goddess to please her. Certain plants like Tulsi and Pinal are worshipped.

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As a result of this change the fertile Indus Valley was converted into a tract of sand and people were forced to leave the place. Short gambling dissertation on indus valley civilization each of these civilizations is unique in their habits and traditions, they share essay on importance of parents in a childs life similar qualities.

Human sacrifices were offered to the Mother-Goddess as is proved by the seal. Race of Indus Civilisation 3. Their stability was the ultimate factor that made these empires prominent among the other civilizations during that time Asian Educational Services.

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Mesopotamia and the Indus Valley are just two of the many civilizations that relied on nearby rivers. Thus the Indus civilisation was the largest of the early civilisations. The women were also very fashion conscious and bore fan-shaped hair dress. Though this civilisation is termed as Indus civilisation it covered even area beyond the Indus Valley. The height of its development was between BC and BC.

This testimony clearly indicate that the people had quite an advanced type of religious faith.

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The animals were not only worshipped but were also regarded as Vahana of the gods viz. However, what is the difference between a group of people who live in a town and our modern concept of civilization. Oxford University Press. They were also in the habit of taking fruits and vegetables and date was the most favorite fruit of the people. Vertical drain pipes suggest that bath rooms were constructed in upper storeys also.

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From the conclusion that the archeologists made, the Indus Valley cities had a well-organized government; the powerful leaders made sure that their people had good supplies It was the first civilization to flourish in India. This civilization flourished for about a thousand years, then disappeared without a trace.

However, if we take the funeral customs of the people of Indus Valley, it would be difficult to accept this contention.

  1. Firstly, the dead body was buried.
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The people also knew about spinning as is proved by the presence of large number of spindle wheels. Ancient Civilizations Words 4 Pages Early Civilization All civilizations, whether old or new, strive for advancement.

The Indus Valley arose in B. Sir John Marshall and his colleagues discovered this civilization.

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These two empires were extremely productive and successful and played a key role in the advancement of human life. The history of agriculture ages way comparing films essay thousands of years ago, and its expansion has been driven and defined by prominently diverse environments, beliefs, and technologies In fact there was very little difference between the dress of the males advertisement essay samples the females.

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These articles include cake moulds, dippers, beakers, bowls, dishes, gobies, basins, pans, saucers, etc. Of a these Mohenjo-Daro is better preserved and its excavation has revealed the points that the successive cities were built according In tin plan. A world with no cities, no towns, and no production or consumption?

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For decades archaeologists believed that plants and animals were first domesticated in the near east Israel, Lebanon, Syria, south west Turkey, Iraq, western Iran early in Holocene to years ago The bathrooms were attached to the rooms. Another important feature of the houses which deserves mention was that the people literature review process diagram very fond of baths.

Nobody knows how to read their writing system. The most common amongst them were the buffalo, sheep, goat, camel, cow etc. But probably the greatest source of amusement for the- people was short essay on indus valley civilization and dance.

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Certain scholars have suggested that the Great Bath was the temple of the River God. However, certain scholars have taken certain bones recovered 7 paragraph research paper the upper-most layer as bones of the horse, while the others have denied.

  • The excavation at Mohenjo-Daro have brought to light seven different it layers of buildings, which have assigned to three different period viz.
  • Thirdly, the dead bodies were left for the wild animals.
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The city of Mohenjo-Daro was a great trading centre and both internal and external trade was carried on from there. The love of the people for the bath is further confirmed from the discovery of a public bath at Mohenjo-Daro. Even though archeologists have no solid evidence, they know that it covers the largest area than any other civilization until the rise of Persia a thousand years later.

Certain animals and birds still regarded as the vehicles or vahana of certain deities.

Contribution of the Indus Valley Civilisation: This point is not acceptable to Sir John Marshall. Various objects of head dressing like ivory combs, bronze mirrors have been discovered. People also delighted in birds fighting. Their script has been characterized as pictographic, each sign standing for a particular word or object.

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Mesopotamia and Harappa were similar in that their geography was both surrounded by the rivers. Mohenjo-Daro was a great industrial centre and a number of industries were practiced there.

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Haripah, in Narrative of various journeys in Balochistan, Afghanistan and the Panjab; including a residence in those countries from to In this essay short essay on indus valley civilization will discuss about Indus Valley Civilisation: She is standing in a provocative posture, with one arm on her hip and one lanky leg half-bent.

In recent years excavation at village Alamirpur near Meerut and in Saurashtra have also revealed the similar remains. It has already been observed that the people of Mohenjo-Daro were of cosmopolitan character. We can form an idea about the dress used by the people from the various sculptures of the age.

This is proved by the various seals on which men are shown as hunting wild goats and a large anti-lopes with bows and arrows. In addition certain needles, axis, sans, sickles, knives, fish hooks, chisels have also been discovered.

Contribution of the Indus Valley Civilisation.

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Secondly, certain scholars believe that the earthquake or cyclone might have been responsible for the decadence of Indus Valley culture. Thirdly, the dead bodies were left for the wild animals. For a long time it was believed that Indians are stay at home people and our civilization was only of recent origin.

The harappan traders used seals on the knots of the sacks to be transported to make sure that they were not opened during the journey. Economic Life of the People 7. The IVC economy is flourishing with extensive cultivation of gambling dissertation, barley.

The excavation at Mohenjo-Daro have brought to light seven different it layers short essay on indus valley civilization buildings, which have assigned to three different period viz.

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As regards, the non-vegetarian food they took beef, mutton, poultry, flesh etc. Firstly, the dead body was buried. Although the people of Indus Valley could not produce works of art on a large scale, they displayed notable artistic achievement at-least in seal engravings, especially those of animals.

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Certain sacred animals, cows and bulls are worshipped even today. While some of the weights are so heavy that they could not be picked up with hands and were used with the help of ropes, while the others were so small that it appears that they were used exclusively by the jewelers. This has been proved by the essay on anemia in english of a boat on a seal.

Weights and Measures: All the roads are aligned east to the west and north to south.

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Major urban areas exhibited advanced infrastructure, including organized streets and paths, a sophisticated sewage system, and an operating method for drainage. The size of the Dwelling houses differed from one and another. In order to advance, certain techniques and characteristics have to be combined and manipulated to achieve this progression.

The early layers lie submerged under sub-soil water. Trade and Commerce: In fact many of the features found in the Indus Valley civilisation have been adopted by the Hinduism. The foundations were usually very deep.

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As regards the religion of the Indus Valley people nothing can be said with certainty because the excavation have not revealed any temples, shrines, altars or cult objects. Gambling dissertation scholars and historians have been baffled by the discoveries of these holiday rep personal statement due to the fact that these cultures were not only hundreds of miles apart but also were separated by hundreds of years.

People were probably in the habit of taking bath daily. Ancient cities of the Indus Valley civilisation. New York: Later, inJohn Marshall organised the first archaeological dig at Harappa.

The animal sacrifices were quite common. The roofs were floored by placing reed matting of veans and covering them with mud. Around five thousand years ago, starting in approximately B. However, we can make some conjectures, about their patriotism essay pdf beliefs from the various seals and objects of sculptures.