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Hyderabad to Kuntala Route Map: For all wrong reasons, Kuntala has shot into the lime light at present. Identified as the highest waterfalls of the state, the cascade attracts visitors from far and wide. Festival of 'Maha Shivratri' attracts plenty of devotees to this temple. The view at the top of the Kuntala waterfall How to reach:

The surroundings of the falls are maintained well along with a park by Tourism department.

Kuntala Waterfall - Wikipedia

Through the dense forests, River Kadam flows and tumbles gushing at Kuntala from the height of 45 meters, creating the astounding waterfall. Putta Somanna, then aged 16 years, had saved the lives of a family of three from the same flash flood. However, there is a small stream at left cornor of the main falls where visitors can play safe in the waters.

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The temple is in a small cave located in between the two waterfalls of Kuntala. Larger groups can also cook food here. NA Address: As per the cover letter for clothing store sales assistant, Kuntala Waterfalls were named after the mythological figure Shakuntala, who was the beloved of King Dushyanta. View Larger Map Facilities at Kuntala There is a tiny hotel offering some basic packed snacks and cool drinks.

Therefore tourists visiting the falls in monsoons can surely view a double bonanza at the cost of one. The place around is so picturesque that a day out with family and friends seems just to be the best way to spend the weekend.

Also an ideal picnic spot for family.

Pochera Falls, Kuntala Falls

The surrounding are well maintained and it can be a good picnic spot along with Kuntala Falls. As evidence of the divine affinity for the place, one can find the Someshwara Swami temple located close to the Kuntala fall.

Identified as the highest waterfalls of the state, the cascade attracts visitors from far and wide.

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Monsoons and post-monsoons are the best seasons to visit Kuntala falls. The second check will be at the NH Kuntala road junction near Neredigonda mandal head quarter and the third at the start of the reserve forest about 2 km away from the waterfall.

Inthe state forest department started developing the location by involving a does the american dream exist essay Vana Samrakshana Samithi VSS. Pochera Falls is usually visited from Kuntala Falls which is about 22 Kms.

Kuntala Waterfalls

With the beautiful Kuntala waterfalls as a pleasant backdrop the temple surely draws several devotees. They also promise to cook some dishes like chicken curry and rice, but we are not too sure about their quality and taste.

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Steps to curb deaths at the waterfall Visitors to the picturesque Kuntala waterfall in Neredigonda mandal of Adilabad district will be subjected to vehicle checks by the forest and police personnel at least at three places en route to spot in order to control liquor flow. Public transport is available till Boath corss roads from where private vehicles can be hired.

Given its width of about metres and a drop of about 40 metres, the waterfall is one of the largest in entire South India and the only one of its kind within a radius of km extending even into Andhra Application letter as a secretary with no experience and Maharashtra.

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Once you reach Neredigonda on National Highway No 7, you need to take a right turn, to reach the falls. While its views enthrall pleasure seeking tourists, the Someshwara Swami temple attracts the religious minded as well.

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Note that the highway has a by-pass road for Nirmal town. The cool breeze, with the whiff of flora around, makes the whole atmosphere simply wonderful. Perhaps Shakuntala used to bathe in the waters of the cascade.

This beautiful waterfall is located in the forests of Adilabad district, where the Kadem river falls into a deep gorge from a height of feet.

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Application letter for dance class road leading to the falls is mesmerizing as it is bordered with emerald green forests on both sides. One must experience the spectacle of water splashing down and turning into whirls. Popular tourist getaway 1.

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It is also suitable for a weekend trip from Hyderabad. The feet sheet of water gorging down and splashing itself playfully as it touches earth is indeed a sight to behold. So, avoid going essay on kuntala waterfalls in mid summer. The tragedy of Kuntala lies in the place remaining as a picnic spot instead of getting upgraded to a prime eco tourism centre in the country thanks to feebleness of efforts by successive State governments.

Visitors come here, and there are about 3, of them on an average on weekends and holidays, to spend only are you doing your homework now few hours in the lap of nature. Known to be the highest waterfall in the Telangana state, its gushing waters as they cascade over the mountains does generate awe in the hearts of its visitors.

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Once you reach Kuntala, you need to park your vehicle at the designated site and have to walk down about steps to reach the footsteps of the waterfall. The water levels drop drastically during summer months in the Kadem river. It is not recommended to get into bottom of the falls during peak monsoons.

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It is however risky to get into the waters, particularly during monsoons when the water flow is very strong owing to the presence of sharp rocks and twists. She also fell in love with King Dushyanth at this very spot.

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November 05, The road is in excellent condition, except the last stretch of about 10 Km village road from Neredigonda to Kuntala. In the monsoons, the splendor of the cascade becomes all the more beguiling, since the river comes down with heavy waters. NA Travel Tips: Local believe that angels come to these waterfalls even now and advise the tourists not to go near to waterfalls during nights.

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August 27, It is run by local tribals. The temple is dedicated to the worship of Lord Shiva.

Kuntala Waterfalls - Kuntala Waterfalls Adilabad, Kuntala Water Falls Adilabad Andhra Pradesh

All vehicles can travel till Kuntala, the access point of the falls. For all wrong reasons, Kuntala has shot into the lime light at present. The entrance of this cave is in an oval shape of 1.