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The reports of cars catching on fire, the noise and heat problem because the engine was in the back. He needed to come up with the proper campaign that would attract customers for additional reasons other than cost. That sounds like a failure, certainly. But when it first appeared in the mainstream, it would have been right product for the right price in the right market.

Learning from Tata’s Nano Mistakes

Because Tata Motors stressed the insanely low cost of its Nano car, it became eminent that it would compete with two-wheel motorbikes. On the other, large initial demand required the company to build the car at scale from the outset, which proved publicly problematic when the company ran into problems purchasing land for a new factory in West Bengal.

In order to achieve the parameters of 9th essay 1 question paper design process, Tata Motors took measures to refine its manufacturing process and encouraged innovation by seeking new design approaches from suppliers.

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Different Versions of Nano: Matthew J. Keeping that in mind, Tata Motors started to invent the worlds cheapest car, Tata Nano. They had so many options to choose from when trying to position itself in the market.

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Choosing an initial plant location should have been much more thoroughly carried out without the chance of a complete forfeit of the space that required all progress to be carried back. He needed to come up with the proper campaign that would attract customers for additional reasons other than cost.

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A safe car whose safety has been questioned. First, you have to conceive of something people will actually want. Re-Evaluate your marketing team. Also, the initial production numbers were set very high and pastor cover letter samples heavily on the construction of a new plant.

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Parallel to the message of greater convenience, consumers must also conceive the Nano as similar to the motorbike in many of its mannerisms, such as its maneuverability, relatively good gas mileage, and affordable price.

They had to move to a new site, which meant taking substantial financial losses. Finally, in order to compete with motorbikes, Tata Motors should stress fuel efficiency and low maintenance how to write perfect research paper of the Induction motor protection system research paper.

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Production for the firstcars was delayed for more than 18 months. The last thing you want is a low safety rating before you even start selling cars.

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Modular Design Strategy: There was a great quote from an article by Matthew J. 9th essay 1 question paper to write perfect research paper have to get a lot of things right to successfully bring a product as novel as the Nano to market. Cost Leadership: So for that, Tata Motors started to work on the Nano to grasp the market. But when it first appeared in the mainstream, it would have been right product for the right price in the right market.

Another possibility would be to advertise a more organized, saner way of transportation. Losing control of their Singur site demonstrates the uncertainty and unprofessional aggression with which Tata Motors seemed to act under the pressure of such a low bottom line price.

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It might not have been easy, but had Tata piloted the Nano quietly, on a small scale, perhaps through a limited production run in a small city like Durgapur in West Bengal or Ranchi in Jharkand, its engineering, pricing, financing, and tata nano case study answers might have been adjusted far from the limelight to suit the needs tata nano case study answers an optimal target customer.

The decision to make the announcement early like the company did was driven by the excitement of press coverage rather than the presence of established business and design plans. In the event of production delays, the company simply needed to plan the location of their plant much more carefully.

On the one hand, the early hype predictably fueled early demand.

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This would be accomplished through campaigns revolving around the need to move away from the motorbike as a primary way to transport the family around. Do you think strategic entrepreneurship is important in business?

Case study: Tata Nano by Jessy Ko on Prezi What does our product exactly do?

People choose motorbikes for these two reasons but they now need to be their two reasons for choosing the Nano. Tata Motors has already started working on making the electric version of the Nano which will be known as E-Nano.

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Tata Motors has built a network of satellite assembly operations by training the various entrepreneurs in assembly operations and monitoring their quality. Natural Resources: Strategic Marketing Problems Tata Nano tried to position itself in the two-wheeler market.

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While money essay about online schooling very important, there are other things you need to consider when marketing a car such as the Tata Nano. After a successful entry, plans should be made for large-scale production a new plant.

Invest more money in research and development regarding safety and quality. He said they could undertake this feat and ended up going through with it to prove they could.

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Identify and analyze the strategic and management factors of the Tata Group that played a critical role in the design and production of the Tata Nano. The beginning of the case mentioned the precarious nature of Indian families all riding through the streets on their single motorbike. Tata Motors used the cheap Indian labor market and the burgeoning level of skilled people to set up the innovative Nano project.

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Unfortunately protest broke out from the farmers whose land was taken to build the plant. Cross-Functional Team: Instead of focusing solely on a location that best facilitates distribution, economic factors of building in that location need to be taken into consideration.

Everyone already knows the price is extremely low, so ads should stress other qualities of the vehicle. Tata has had trouble with just about every one of those steps, and this fact has played out very publicly.

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Tata needs to convince the budding middle class that they are allowed to spend a little extra on the Nano for a great increase of convenience to themselves. Tata Motors is planning to launch hybrid version of the Nano in the near future. Tata Motors has a bright and innovative future ahead of them, this is failure will serve them stronger in the future.

There is a lot of potential here but the marketing campaign was lazy and uninspired, they took shortcuts to reduce costs, and faced hardships in the form of protests, etc. Tata Group wanted to increase the competition in car industry by building a car which will be small in size and the price will be within the rage of middle class people around the world. Equal Opportunity for the Employees: Tata Motors is working on the existing version of Nano to reduce the environmental physician assistant personal essay by updating some of its technologies.

Alternatives Analysis After analyzing where Tata Motors went wrong in their marketing and in general with the Tata Nano, we then considered alternatives to the problems outlined above.

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  • He needed to come up with the proper campaign that would attract customers for additional reasons other than cost.
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