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Online Writing Lab Primary vs. A secondary source uses evidence from primary sources to try to figure out the past. Primary sources are not only one of the best ways to prove the arguments in your history essay, but they can also make history so much more exciting than just sticking to that yawn textbook. What can you tell about a historical period from the language, vocabulary, and rhetoric used?

How does this source help me to answer my research question?

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Use quotes judiciously. Think about the following questions as you critically examine the source s: Example of a descriptive "thesis": These will often lead you to the primary source itself; after all, these writers have to document their sources just as you have to. Using Primary Sources The detective investigates a crime that was committed in the past.

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A secondary source used differently can become a primary source. Why did the author write the document?

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When was it written or made? Accordingly, your thesis should be argumentative, how to use primary sources in an essay descriptive. For whom was the author writing? Where was it written or made?

For example, in the nineteenth century, histories were written about many U. Was the document possibly a forgery? Glean the source s for the writing service business information about the main characters, events, ideas, and arguments.

Refer to the first section of this handout for examples of analytical questions that you can pose of any how to use primary sources in an essay. Web Research What are primary sources?: Reviewing secondary sources is important in your essay-writing process because it lets you know what other scholars are saying about your topic.

Using Primary Sources in Your Writing

Always follow your professor's specific guidelines before the general suggestions in this handout. These can include interviews, autobiographies, and memoirs. If not, take plenty of notes!

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What does the writer's choice of words tell us about social or cultural assumptions? Depending on the essay being written, both primary sources and secondary sources may be acceptable types of sources.

A secondary source uses evidence from primary sources to try to figure out the past. How trustworthy is the source? No expert on the Napoleonic Wars has ever heard the sound of the cannon at Austerlitz. Carefully review the assignment's goals. However, what constitutes a primary or secondary source depends on the dissertation agency in which it is being used.

You can probably find the databases online, but you may need to go there yourself to check anything out. Essays typically call for a close analysis or dissection of the texts' meanings.

Reading and Writing about Primary Sources

Example of an argumentative thesis: Reading a source critically is one of the historian's most fundamental skills. Primary Source: What is the story line? Online Writing Lab Primary vs.

Once you have enough primary sources, go wild! Reviewing primary source material can be of value in improving your overall research paper because they: We can speak of earlier ages only through the accounts of eye-witnesses. Secondary Research When performing research, most writers will come across a variety of information from a variety of different places. What role might the translator have played in shaping the document's tone or content?

Refrain from using block quotes in shorter essays those that are fewer than eight pages long unless the complete quote is indispensable to your analysis.

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If you are writing an essay based on numerous primary sources, consider a theme that unites the documents. For instance, if a writer is writing an argument essay about the need to pass a certain amendment, she can quote or paraphrase both the amendment itself the primary source and the opinions or studies of others that analyze the effectiveness of the amendment secondary source.

Libraries are not just for checking out books. Secondary Source: Did he or she address any particular person or group?

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Often they contain microfilm of old newspapers, reference materials, and some videos available to watch there or check out. How does the document relate to the course's main themes?

You can still wear your sweatpants to most of these places if you must. However, a simple Google search is going to give you a lot of websites that may not be so legitimate. How does evidence from this source alter or fit into existing interpretations of the past?

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No worries! If I perform a survey of Aims students and report the results in an essay, I am the primary source for this information. What is the author leaving out? You have all these sources from the past right at your fingertips. You can even look at the websites of libraries that are not near you. History— The Roaring Twenties! How important or influential was the source in its own day and age?

You can access these websites for how to use primary speaker recognition master thesis in an essay wealth of information, all from the comfort of your own home. Likewise the historian looks for evidence such as letters, diaries, court documents, objects used by the people being studied, and buildings where the people lived. Curriculum vitae iefp looks for evidence such as fingerprints or witnesses or articles that link the suspect and the crime.

Then have the assignment's importance of sports in school curriculum essay in mind as you familiarize yourself with the sources, develop a thesis, outline your main points, and write the essay. Primary sources represent direct, uninterpreted records of j2 ead cover letter subject of your research study.

Primary vs. Secondary Research

The Henry Ford Museum in Detroit is a must-see for s artifacts—from cars to clothing. Even though secondary sources are often acceptable, primary sources are often better than secondary sources, and there are times when primary sources must be used. You read your textbooks, try to memorize business plan for a bar and restaurant names and dates, and take a few tests along the way.

How does the genre shape the author's writing? Museums One last wmu essay you can visit, either online or in person, is a museum or several.