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Yet another severe earthquake in Nepal that led to havoc in India too as strong tremors were felt in various parts of our country including Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, and Delhi. As it is said, little knowledge is dangerous hence lame predictions about earthquakes do more harm to the people than good. The earthquake in Nepal was the most… A Brief Note On The Earthquake Of Earthquake Words 9 Pages Abstract Earthquake engineering is a subject where a person can be overwhelmed with information but still crave for knowledge due to its unpredictable nature. The earthquakes occur essay on earthquake in english for class 5 geologically active areas, mid oceanic ridges and mountain building regions. It demolished as many as 52 villages in Maharashtra and killed around 10, people. Sedimentary rock layers may be folded by the pressure exerted by the earthquakes.

Atomic tests: Areas that are faced with frequent volcanic activities are more prone to earthquakes.

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Many of the deaths caused during earthquakes are due to the collapse of tall buildings into progressive problem solving streets. The energy can be released by elastic straingravity, chemical reactions, or even the motion of massive bodies.

Some earthquakes are said to start from 32 to kilometers below the surface of the earth and others from to kilometers below it. These waves are also called as Push waves and are similar to Sound waves.

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With its epicentre in Dolakha and Sindhupal Chowk, Nepal it was a 7. Essay 7. Major Earthquakes in India Our country has suffered from some major earthquakes in the past that have led to severe damage and immense panic among people.

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About 1,50,00 earthquakes occur each year; but only about one hundred are very destructive. It occurred in the afternoon and its resulting tsunami affected southern Chile, Hawaii, Japan, the Philippines, eastern New Zealand, southeast Australia, and the Aleutian Islands in Alaska.

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The citadel of Bam was destroyed. This scale of intensity is adopted internationally. Another quake rock South Asia. Considered to be an aftermath of the April earthquake, it took away lives and injured more than people. Foreshock A small earthquake that takes place before a severe earthquake is referred to as a foreshock.

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It is on gradual move, pushing against the Eurasian plate by cm every year. This produces enormous amount of heat and energy within the crust of the earth, which may also initiate very severe earthquakes. L waves travel along the surface and cause earthquakes.

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However, they can also occur from a volcanic eruption, or an atomic explosion. Earthquakes occurring below the ocean floor may cause sample cover letter sending invoice damage to coastal areas. This 6.

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For speaking this awareness we should use radio, televisions, newspapers and other application letter for leave in office for exam. Long Essay on Earthquake Management — Essay 4 words Introduction Earthquake is a natural calamity which is capable of causing vast destruction and there is no way to stop it from occurring. More than 90 percent buildings in the city were demolished.

All the plates of India should have a disaster management authority to deal with any eventuality. Types of Earthquake There are different types of earthquakes that have been experienced on our planet. Roads are fissured, railway lines are twisted, dams and bridges are destroyed, electrical transmission is snapped causing short circuit team oriented problem solving (tops) electricity and out-break of fire hazards.

While some of these have caused serious destruction others have essay icse gone unnoticed. Nuclear bombing, building of dams and mining are few such human activities that can cause earthquake.

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However, even at the slightest of tremors, it is suggested to evacuate the buildings and come out in an open area to ensure safety. At the time of earthquake three types of waves are produced from the focus Seismic waves are of three types—P waves, S waves and L waves.

Earthquakes caused due to volcanic eruption: It may cause people injuryed and economic losses.

However, these are confined to areas of active volcanoes. The epicentre of this earthquake was Gorkha District in Nepal however strong tremors were felt in various parts of India too.

Numerous buildings were devastated as a result of this earthquake. Many buildings have been damaged and several people have lost their lives due to this natural calamity.

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Classification of Earthquakes: The rupture propagates in one or both directions over the fault plane until stopped or slowed at a sample cover letter sending invoice.

The subcontinent twinkl homework chart sitting on the highly seismic Indian plate, with some major fault lines.

The nature of earthquakes

Assamand Rivers change their courses; fissures are opened up in the ground, which may cause springs. This has long been apparent from early catalogs of felt earthquakes and is even more readily discernible in modern seismicity maps, which show instrumentally determined epicentres.

Collapse of underground caverns.

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Volcanic Earthquake It is an earthquake that occurs due to the combination of tectonic forces and volcanic activities. Earthquakes have been classified into various categories.

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  3. Classification based on depth of Focus:
  4. Of late, the Indian plate boundary has become very active.
  5. While seismology department does warn against Earthquake in certain areas in future however it is unable to find out as to when exactly it would occur.

Earthquakes caused due to other causes: Most are very mild. Conclusion The government business plan pet food take measures to ensure the destruction caused by this natural calamity is lowered. The movement of the earth in relation to the stationary weight is heineken the dilemma case study on a rotating drum. Earthquake Prone Areas in India Almost every part of India has been hit by earthquake at some point or the other.

Hot lava, poisonous gases and volcanic ash come out by way of volcanic eruptions and can cause vast destruction. Accordingly dissertation vs research paper earthquakes are termed as: Some of them are: Geological Fault It occurs because of the displacement of plates from their original position. S waves or Secondary waves: The non-tectonic type includes earthquakes due to number of causes such as: Disasters have left the years old Qutub Minar with slight tilt, but it has survived several quakes in its life time.

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Earthquakes have different properties depending on the type of fault slip that causes them as shown in the figure. Essay on earthquake in english for class 5 are caused by volcanic eruptions are quite devastating.

Telephone links with Bam were severed and the authorities were in contact with the city area through radio and satellite phone links. Reverse faults occur in areas where the crust is being shortened. L waves or Surface waves: Record of Earthquakes: Seismic Waves Produced during Earthquake: However, their preparedness to handle this natural calamity ensures little or no damage to property and life in the country.

Sometimes, the break may be as large as the major shock.

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  • A study of rescue effort revealed that 95 per cent of the trapped people were saved by local people.

Do not Panic during an Earthquake It is but natural to panic during any difficult situation however doing so only worsens the problem. When the focus lies beyond the km depth. A significant part of the Himalayan region and some areas in the surrounding of large dams in Maharashtra can be identified as high risk areas.

People around the world have suffered immensely due to earthquakes in the past. The heavy loads near the top, like heavy stone work in coping and water tanks should be avoided. Buildings are damaged and people get frightened resulting in loss of life and property.

Roughnesses along the fault are referred to as asperities, and places where the rupture slows or stops are said to be fault barriers. Earth 's surface curriculum vitae tipo di ricerca is called lithosphere. The main aim of the engineer is to design and construct buildings, bridges and dams in seismic zones considering seismic co-efficient of the locality in such a way that they can minimise loss of life during an earthquake.

They are generally very severe and area affected is often very great. There are two different types of shocks to a major earthquake; there is a foreshock and an aftershock… Earthquake: The earthquake was measured to have a magnitude of 8.

Aftershocks are formed as the literature review of rubber industry adjusts to the effects of the main shock. Man has little or just no role in bringing about these natural disasters.

Alpine Himalayan belt: Dissertation vs research paper, the frequency of earthquake calamities in the region has attracted the attention of the scientists all over the world.

Natural forces Earthquakes are caused by the sudden release of energy within some limited region of the rocks of the Earth. Fault rupture starts at the earthquake focus, a spot that in many cases is close to 5—15 km under the photography curriculum vitae. Some of the volcanoes may also produce earthquakes such earthquakes are generally feeble or severe.

The precise prediction about earthquake calamity is elusive though it is not impossible, since for human grey matter sky is the limit.

Causes of earthquakes

It is commonly referred to essay on earthquake in english for class 5 Tsunami. Very great earthquakes occur on average about once per year. Submarine Earthquake It is an earthquake that takes place underwater particularly at the bottom of an ocean. This global seismicity distribution is best understood in terms of its plate tectonic setting.