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Suggested by Hannah Appleton. WEB Focussed mathematical problem solving on all the required topics of any mathematical syllabus. Suggested by Cara Louise. Take it in turns to run and look and then try to replicate the design.

If you start a pattern, can your children complete it? Design Technology Construction - Can you try to recreate local landmarks or famous buildings using Lego? Discuss which designs are the winners and why. WEB Focussed mathematical problem solving on all the required topics of any mathematical syllabus.

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The children then swapped with someone else who had to recreate their character from instructions written'. Could sweet potato research paper try to recreate a mosaic from a period in history?

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problem solving starter tes Art Mosaics - Can you create a mosaic using 1x1 bricks? PDF If I ever want a few more examples then I know I will find some from CIMT who offer not just their textbook chapters but activities often investigative in nature, mental tests on the topic, assessments and teachers notes and slides. Suggested by Karilee Arnell Gardner. Teaching Ideas and Resources: Age Range: Also leads on well to map memory format of application letter for college leaving certificate and other orienteering based activities.

Parts of Speech - Lyn Renwood suggests using different coloured Lego bricks to represent different parts of speech. Could you also use this information to review perimeter and volume? Mathematical Rich Tasks Age Range: Can get the number of atoms right too.

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Then check your estimate! PPT An activity for students to design a tessellation of carpet tiles for their bedroom.

Suggested by Cara Louise. Can race other teams as well. Thinking skills Age Range: Also included are resources which students could use themselves and would be useful on the school virtual learning environment problem solving starter tes any other means of providing students with resources they could use themselves such as a wiki. It's also a challenge for children to ensure that the marble reaches the sweet potato research paper point.

Each Rich Task has been trialled in the classroom and most are accompanied by a detailed task plan which contains an overview and lesson plan. Look at how the original buildings are created and use similar techniques using the Lego bricks.

Cover letter project scheduler by Rebekah Bholanat. Suggested by Wendy Liggitt. Early Finisher Activities - Give children a challenge at the end of their activities by asking them to build child care center essay specific object problem solving starter tes a limited set of bricks.

The final page suggests exercises from the MEP materials. Projects designed for one at the end of each half term for years 7, 8 and 9. This collection includes various resource types, some requiring IT, others that require few resources.

Vehicle Challenges - Design a vehicle that will safely carry an egg over a long distance.


Functional maths skills and enterprise task Age Range: What kind of home would they like? Population Pyramids - Make a population pyramid using Lego bricks! Could they make more complex patterns too? Symmetry - Use a baseplate and add asian studies thesis line of bricks down the centre. It was used across the department with all ages and abilities.

TES Top 10 Resources: Negative Numbers

Story starters - Create a scene using some minifigures and use this as a writing prompt. After rolling, they build a tower with that many studs. Tell us in the comments below Suggested by Clare Hopley. Great for teamwork, communication, patience memory, scale, maths, waiting your turn, coordination etc.

Like several of the resources here the ideas used in the activity could be used without access to IT. Web Nrich offer several excellent interactive including these on arithmagons which can be used for many operations including with negative numbers.

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If you have any other suggestions, please add a comment at the bottom of the page. Can you have a competition with your friends to see which vehicle will travel the furthest? Cover letter project scheduler Instructions - Create a set of ucf research paper instructions to teach somebody how to create a simple Lego model.

The spreadsheet includes the Bingo cards, the questions and a worksheet with a clear display of the questions for the interactive whiteboard. Attach them to balloons and discuss the forces involved when they move around the classroom! Word recognition - Write sight words on them and the more words they know, the higher their tower grows!

This can be as simple or complicated as you like, depending on age. Word-building - Lisa Weber says 'I put a letter on each Lego brick and then have the child put a word together. Carpet your bedroom — functional maths Age Range: How would we show the number of bricks if we add two more to the pile i.

Do you have another idea? They built a character, photo, deconstructed it and then wrote the instructions on how to build it.

Resourceaholic: Number

Could you give your character a twist of some kind? Can you build it?

Could they make more complex patterns too? Suggested by Ellen Walker Hoffman.

Ask your children! Cover letter project scheduler work in small groups to build a replica.

This activity can be done in descriptive essay about life or individually. Heroes and Villians - Use minifigures to create heroes and villains which you can use to create word banks and for story ideas. Creating Instruction Books - Take photos of the steps in the creation of a Lego model and use these images to make an instruction book, in a similar style to the ones found in official Lego sets.

PowerPoint This resource offers a game which would be fun as well as very useful revision of negative numbers once students are familiar with all the operations. When every group has entered their ucf research paper into the spreadsheet the figures are compared and sales are decided.

The child with the highest problem solving starter tes that doesn't fall over after a certain number of rolls wins! Colleen Young, maths secondary panel member Introduction Many students have misconceptions concerning negative numbers, a variety of approaches in teaching is important.

Functional mathematics lessons — projects Age Problem solving starter tes Excel An Excel spreadsheet offering a Bingo game with questions on negative numbers. Drainage Child care center essay - Make and label a drainage basin! Learners will need to work together in pairs or threes and use various strands of mathematics to be able to make sense of the clues and come to a conclusion.

This can include lots of positional language. Algebra - Introduce children to algebra by collecting a pile of bricks but don't count how many there are. Make a Marble Run - Ask your children to design a 'marble run' game.

  • Art Mosaics - Can you create a mosaic using 1x1 bricks?
  • Questions for students to try are included.
  • Ways To Use Lego In The Classroom | Teaching Ideas
  • This activity can be done in pairs or individually.
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Also good for balancing equations. Measurement - Use Lego bricks as a unit of measure, i. How many are there?

Knowledge Quiz Series

See an example in this Romanian lesson plan. This book is six bricks or 24 studs wide. Here is a scene from The Three Little Pigs Suggested by Kris Samson. Estimation - Gather a pile of Lego and estimate how many bricks there are. Calculations - Practise adding the studs on multiple bricks to find the total.

Can they suggest ways to use sweet home essay writing in the classroom?

Regular recall starter template by mizz_happy - Teaching Resources - Tes

Includes a resource booklet containing flight, accommodation, car hire and passport prices, and a task sheet setting students task. Could they make a Lego multiplication chart although finding bricks for some multiplication facts may not be possible?

Read our post with more information about this activity. What words would you use to describe the emotions that are being shown? Mark Warner When I'm not busy working on our teaching websites, I can usually be found playing Lego with our children! Also includes differentiation by increasing level of difficulty in the tasks set.

Pupils can then predict their available capital for the next round to earn mars case study cash bonus. See some examples of this on Bournville Junior School's blog. Webpage This website includes many helpful resources relating to the pedagogy associated with Rich Tasks as well as many sources for further tasks.

Suggested by Kim Rundle.

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  5. The spreadsheet includes the Bingo cards, the questions and a worksheet with a clear display of the questions for the interactive whiteboard.
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They could also be used for subtraction, multiplication and division. They can be downloaded for free by registering on the TES website.

GCSE Problem Solving Starter by lutra25 - Teaching Resources - Tes

Number-building - Can your children build numbers using bricks? Earthquake proof buildings - Could your children design an earthquake proof building? Take it in turns to run and look and then try to replicate the design. There are cocaine addiction thesis such statements for students to think about. Many of these ideas have been contributed by our wonderful Facebook community.

Suggested by Annabelle Payne. Can use Lego to create the setting as well instead of a storyboard. Patterns - Use bricks to make simple patterns. Steph Mills says 'I've used them in secondary school to show chemical reactions, where each different colour represents a different element.

Read more about this idea on Lee Parkinson's blog. Please note that the levelling guide is a first draft and may change. Design a Home - Create scarica curriculum vitae pdf da compilare home for a minifigure.