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This can result in flood like situation and disrupt the normal life of people. The litter caused by them on the land and the landfills causes land pollution. Research shows that waste plastic bags have been a major cause of untimely animal deaths. The second sentence gives the other main idea — why they should not be banned. Non Biodegradable Plastic bags are non-biodegradable.

This gets stuck in their throat or intestines and chokes them to death.

IELTS Essay Correction: Plastic Shopping Bags are the Main Source of Rubbish. – ELTEC English It is true that the curse of plastic pollution exists all around the world and there are serious dilemmas for the environment resulting from this.

It is estimated that there are currently 7 million tones of plastic floating in the Pacific gyre. Essay Categories: This is why many feel that plastic bags should be banned. The second sentence explains my main idea by saying that most plastic bags are either littered or thrown in the trash.

Plastic Bags Should be Banned Essay

The ones that are simply tossed in the street clog drains in cities and eventually find their way to the sea and entangle marine life. To what extent do you agree or disagree? This is because people do not look at the long term effect of these small, easy to carry bags they use in their everyday life. This eventually leads to death of these animals motivation to do my homework spread of diseases among human population.

You will also find on this page: You can select any why plastic bags should be banned essay as per your need and interest: Government and other social groups should take concerted steps in tackling plastic pollution that threatens our environment.

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According to Earth Policy Institute, over 1 trillion plastic bags are made write executive summary research paper the world earth-policy. The first sentence restates the main ideas from the sample answer as well as my overall opinion. Recycle However, not all plastic bags are non-recyclable. Body Paragraph 1: It is deteriorating how to write a essay grade 12 quality of water that marine creatures drink.

Consequently, people require more landfills these days which will reduce the number of green areas. Therefore, there is a general consensus that there must be a legal ban on these items. Our country has banned the use of plastic bags in many states.

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For instance, many cities in India have already prohibited the use of plastic carry bags. The fourth sentence explains the second problem — that the bags that are littered end up in the ocean.

Plastic Bags And The Environmental Damage

The waste plastic bags are thrown into the landfills where they take almost around years to decompose. Coupled with the fact that reusable bags are more difficult to recycle, their overall effect on the environment is worse. You can avoid the last sentence. Plastic bags also pose a serious danger to birds and marine mammals that often mistake them for food.

Long and Short Essay on Why Plastic Bags Should be Banned in English for Children and Students

Large stanford essay what matters to you and why of plastic is accumulated in the intestines of various animals and sea creatures and results in serious health problems in them.

I do not think overly simplistic restrictions on plastic bags would have the desired positive effect. Plastic is a non-biodegradable substance. Available in various sizes these are quite economical and also easy to carry.

In olden days people use to carry cloth bags or jute bags to the shop to purchase grocery or plastic bags essay ielts things but when plastic is discovered it became part and parcel of our lives, what ever we do we use plastic in day to life, whether it is a plastic mug, plastic bucket or plastic containers we use in kitchen.

Reasons to Ban Plastic Bags There are numerous reasons why the government of various countries have come up with strict measures to limit the use of plastic bags. Non Biodegradable Plastic bags are non-biodegradable.

Please subscribe to my Youtube Channel. Many cases of plastic causing harm to the food have been reported. Stanford essay what matters to you and why that have Banned Plastic Bags Many countries around the globe have either put a ban on plastic bag or levi tax on it in order to restrict its usage. The introduction is too long. Sea turtles are especially known to have the entire plastic bag in one go mistaking it for jelly fish.

Instead of taking plastic bags to carry our grocery items most memorable day of my life essay free other stuff, we can carry a reusable jute or cloth bag each time we head to the market.

Here's how plastic bags impact the environment

The tragedy is, that fish and birds consume the plastic accidentally. It is cheap and lightweight. Plastic is a versatile material and that is the reason for its popularity.

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Submit it in the comments below for a free band score estimate. To what extent do you agree or disagree? To what extent do you agree or disagree? One of the most important reasons that make the banning plastic bags an efficient policy could be that it leads to reduce negative impacts on wildlife and most memorable day of my life essay free. The retailers provide goods in these bags and the shoppers gladly take their stuff in these easy to carry bags.

Plastic pollution, otherwise known as white pollution, is the unfortunate consequence of consumerism. This sentence is very well written.

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This is a huge plastic garbage patch that floats in the North Pacific. Plastic Bag Facts Useful language List. Gradually, we will become habitual to doing without these bags. Plastic bags have become a threat to the life of animals living on earth as well as in water.

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The reason that plastic bags plastic bags essay ielts be banned in the near future is because they do not biodegrade and continue to pollute the environment for hundreds of years after being discarded. This wrong behavior wastes extremely much amount of energy and money.

However, plastics cannot be completely banned as the comfort associated with using how to write a essay grade 12 bags in transporting wide array of purchased item is equally incomparable. The fourth sentence supports my main idea by explaining that paper bags also have a negative environmental impact.

  1. Recycle However, not all plastic bags are non-recyclable.
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While the smoke from the vehicles and factories has plastic bags essay ielts the air adversely making it difficult to breathe, the industrial and residential waste has contributed majorly to the water and land pollution giving way to several serious illnesses.

Moreover, sometimes stray animals consume them and fall sick. Small plastic content accumulates in their body and causes health problems over the time.

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Besides, unlike cloth or paper bags, we do not even require purchasing these as we go shopping. This often leads to curriculum vitae ingeniero electrico chile of underground water when rain falls on these bags and absorbs certain plastic material.

Plastic cannot be digested and thus gets trapped in their intestines. Another possible reason to ban these thinner plastics is mainly due to the pollution of water bodies Moreover, these plastics also cause pollution of water bodies.

Plastic bags are often used only once, and end up clogging the land and polluting the water, causing aboutmarine animal deaths each year.

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By changing these kinds of lifestyle, it is hoped that we could reduce the number of non-disposable waste in the area. These are thus deteriorating our environment in every possible way. It is the same with the marine creatures.

These bags are light in weight and are easily carried by the wind to places far and wide. Give reasons for your answer plastic bags essay ielts include any relevant examples from your own knowledge and experience.

The third sentence supports my opinion by saying that both solutions are flawed. One possible solution could be changing in consumers' behavior. To conclude, in my opinion, plastic is the curse of consumerism.

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It has been reported that plastic bottles could cause cancers and other kinds of serious diseases. This will consume a lot of time and may compromise your ability to answer task 1 adequately. These bags are costing plastic bags essay ielts our beautiful environment. If they are thrown in the trash, plastic bags will wind up in the ever-increasing number of landfills and contribute to soil pollution.

For example, instead of buying mineral water that is packed in the plastic bottle, we could use a glass bottle that can be repeatedly used. Fishes, turtles and other marine creatures also eat plastic content and sometimes gulp the entire a tale of two cities essay questions bag mistaking it for food and eventually fall ill.

Plastic bags are widely used for food packaging.

IELTS Writing Task 2 Sample Answer: Plastic Bags

Sample Answer Analysis No one would deny that the plastic bags used in supermarkets and shops have a negative effect on the environment because they do not degrade and end up as litter in our cities or oceans. It was not long before teenagers 18 years of age and younger noticed the potential benefits of receiving these surgeries, such as fixing misconstrued facial features, or even taking away some unwanted fat.

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Waste plastic bags are polluting the land and water immensely. Plastic bags cause land, air as well as water pollution.