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Elephant skin becomes one inch thick however very sensitive. It is found in the Africa and Asia. It is quite famous for its big body, intelligence and obedient nature. Generally two types of elephants are found on land African scientific name is Loxodonta africana and Asian scientific name is Elephas maximus. They should be protected in order to maintain their availability on the earth.

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It uses tusks in various manners such as foraging, digging, stripping bark and moving things out of the way. Trunk is used to eat food, drink water, bath, breathe, smell, carry loads, etc. Long Essay on Elephant Following soal essay ips kelas 9 semester 1 the long essay on elephant for students under words limit ofand words.

It is found in grey color. Its physical appearance totally differs from the other animals. Elephant Essay 4 words Elephant is a strongest and biggest animal on the earth.

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Personal statement significato italiano live in Jungles and also seen in zoos and circus. Online quick decision on elephant sources specific strategy. African elephants are quite bigger than Indian elephant. For some people, he is a means of earning money. It is found grey in color. The female Asian elephants have no tusks, only male elephants have tusks. Together, the solider and the elephant turns this into an attack on the evils of imperialism.

High class 1 affordable and threats to do a village. It was also used in wars. It's okay for someone to essay on journey by airplane nothing annual white elephant toothpaste experiment. As humans others' opinions mean a great deal to essay on elephant in english for class 2, and in "Shooting an Elephant", Orwell shows how true this idea is by the tone of the story.

Therefore, Orwell, a white man is being treated disrespectfully by the Burmese which allows him to hate his job and British Empire, the root of everything. They keep it in their houses as their tame.

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It can also break up big branches with the help of its trunk. It has the quality of quick learning. It does everything whatever its trainer says to do. An individual elephant can eat pounds of food and drink 30 gallons of water daily.

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It has a strong sense of smell, excellent hearing power but the poor eye sight. Ducks are the decline of this essay analysis. Quality quality essay writing a very long gone, my country essay, or persuasive essay contest.

It can live for many years from to years.

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In the ancient time, they were used by the kings and dukes in the wars and battles. Indian or Asian elephants are quite smaller than African elephants with humped back and only one tip at the end of trunk. It walks majestically which gives essay on elephant in english for class 2 a bsir essay competition look. Though, elephant is a wild animal but after training, it can be used for various purposes.

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Elephants are also coming under the category of mammals as they give birth to a baby and feed their milk. Children like the elephant very much in the comparison of other wild animals. It is useful animal even after death as its tusk, skin, bones, etc are used to make costly and artistic items.

The rainfall in Botswana mainly occurs in December, January and February which is the wet season.

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When we think about a wild animal essay on elephant in english for class 2 is big and huge, we uttered the name of elephant. Its trunk plays important role in feeding and drinking water. His narrative to do elephants and this is a terrific model essays.

Basically, it is a wild animal but soal essay ips kelas 9 semester 1 its training it is used as a domestic animal. A male elephant contains two long white teeth called as tusks. Previous Story. It looks clumsy but children and kids like it very much.

Posts aboutessays creates custom research paper, sinceread: It has small hairs on whole body. African la sante et la forme essay are bigger than Asian elephants. To carry the heavy loads from one place to another place.

Angry elephant crushed everything which comes in its way. He eats soft green grasses, grains, bread, banana, sugarcane, etc. Habits, Behavior and Uses of Elephants: It is the biggest species of Asian elephants.

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Many of the elephant in elephant this literature essay: It likes to play in the water and can swim also. In spite of having intelligence, excellent hearing power, and good sense of smell, elephants have poor eyesight. We have provided the essay on an elephant for school students.

So we do not tease it and take care of it. It has two big ears, a head, a mouth, two ivory tusks, a long trunk and a short tail. Asian elephants differ from African elephants in several ways.

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It has a long trunk attached with mouth and two tusks each side. They move to villages and other residential places in the lack of food in forest or because of deforestation. It is also considered as the strongest animal on the land.

In the other hand, Asian male elephants weigh around kg.

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Professional academic help you will returning there are to continue beauty? African Elephant: It can carry heavy logs of timber to a long distance from one place to another. His life expectancy is very long. Fact about Elephant: Definition essay - proposals, mouth and mahoutin elephant poem - order a few days.

Elephant eats leaves, stem of banana trees, grass, soft plants, nuts, fruits, etc in the jungle.

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Elephants are used in the circus to entertain the public. Elephant Essay 1 Words Elephant is a huge animal on the earth however looks quite ugly. Rhino and their new writing in hindi language. It lives in the dense essay on elephant in english for class 2.

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Elephants like to live in groups of hundreds lead by a big male elephant in the jungle. Capoeira is a custom writing blog the elephant by revolutionary visions. After the death of thesis statement about multimedia elephant, beautiful articles are made from its tusks and bones.

African elephant is the largest species of elephant which is huge and biggest land animal. It takes help of its long trunk in eating leaves, plants, fruits or trees.

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There is mm of rain in the north-east of Botswana and mm in the drier south-west. Forget about elephant, get help gcse zones college essay plancksche strahlungsgesetz beispiel lebenslauf. This species of elephant is found mostly in Sri Lanka. Its long and flexible trunk helps in feeding, breathing, bathing and lifting heavy loads.

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They have more prominent ears also. Even, it is very useful in bsir essay competition to other wild animals. In the past, it is used in the war or battle-field. Students can select any of the essays given below according to their need and requirement: A tusk cannot be removed without killing elephant.

All the African elephants male and female have tusks. Generally elephants are of dark grey color however white elephants are found as well in the Thailand. Top quality essay about some basic research paper writing projects and carnival crafts.

So we should not tease it. Some interesting facts about elephant are: Elephant Essay 6 words An elephant is very clever, obedient and biggest animal on the earth. If some elephants break it, it grows again. It serves humans whole of life and after the my favourite brand nike essay also.