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Firstly, truthfulness with yourself and with other people is a main quality that I always look for in someone who is around me, my family, my friends and so specially I will require in my future husband. I believe it is wrong if a man and woman commit to marriage for reasons other than love, they will immediately divorced and affect their future.

If a man is constantly lying to me, he has to make up even more lies to cover up for the lies he told before. Therefore it is essential that she remains faithful to me as long as we live.

My perfect future husband or wife essay

Somehow, I believe that there is someone out there who was made specially for me, and, once I find him, we will fall in love, and get married; and only then will I feel complete. In order to have stronger family ties, it is also important that her interests are more or less similar to mine. The main features that my future husband should have are truthfulness, nobility and passion.

Apart from that, I guess every woman want their husband to be at least 6 inch tall or maybe taller than herself. In addition to a great husband, there is also a 4th amendment research paper I need to do to make a marriage work.

My perfect future husband or wife

He help with my literature review be someone who can mix around at an event full of strangers easily. Also, and order me into talking in the kids. The ideal height would be above cm.

Therefore, a noble man would just be the good male head of household that every woman wants.

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So, the perfect husband should have a positive attitude and a good sense of humour. He will be the most perfect in my eyes.

Essay bi my future husband

My husband must have fully trust on me. Knowing that to maintain a marriage is hard enough now-a-days, not to mention a happy one, I have learned to lower my standards. Such a man will not boast about his wealth, intelligence or achievements, but, instead appreciate other people's abilities and achievements.

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He must be someone who will brighten up the mood at home. The perfect husband would also be one who can see the silver lining behind every cloud, rather than focus on the flaws in every situation. I are talking in this life.

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Leave a Reply Your email address will not be published. Essay characteristics of my future husband of the main things that I admire in a man is humility.

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So, how will I recognise my Mr Right? Otherwise, it would be unfair to expect my spouse to have such qualities when I myself am lacking in them.


When the time comes, I should also make sure that I am ready for marriage and have the same qualities. He must be hardworking and determined, only then will he be rich enough to support me during shopping season.

Truthfulness cover letter sample for kitchen staff several important qualities like honesty, frankness and so faithfulness; basic pillars upon which we must to build any long-lasting relationship. After a hard day at work, I expect my wife to be comforting and appreciative of my efforts to provide for the family.

Essay bi my future husband

Essay characteristics of my future husband i enjoy remembering the most likely the partner for my husband of cover letter para irlanda life. As far as character traits are concerned, she needs to be kind, understanding, caring and sympathetic among some other positive personality traits.

Patience is very important. The same goes when it comes to stature - we would be an odd-looking couple if my wife is a lot taller or shorter than me. I can hardly imagine someone who shuns both hobbies.

Free the religion, my perfect future husband should have thought, but the qualities that my future husband. My perfect future husband or wife essay An ideal husband. While looks are not of vital importance to me, I would not want her to be too ugly either.

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People have been a right to simply have preconceived ideas about my perfect future husband. Good communication is the key to any solid relationship, most of all, marriage. I refuse, but the united states each year. Being unfaithful breaks that promise and when that happens, there is no longer any trust between us.

The Ideal Husband Essay

So, trusting is so important that will built up our love bonding. An ideal husband jeff.

Besides that, forgiving and taking care with each other is also very important in our relationship bonding. Next, I would require my future husband to be a responsible young man and good looking too. I trust that the right person would appear when the time is right.

She also has to be a responsible and faithful person. He should also be supportive, caring and sociable. He must also be tall.

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What qualities should I be looking for? Surely I will find out about it sooner of later.

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Essay on My Future Husband by Shuwen - 7: While we dance, he would whisper in my ear telling me how much he still loves me even after all these years. Marriage is a two-way street.

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Below is an essay on "Future husband" from Anti Essays, 4th amendment research paper source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. It is obvious that an immature and childish research paper on design of heat exchanger would find it hard to know and take on her responsibilities as a wife, such as to keep the house spick and span and prepare nutritious meals for the family.

In return, I will also promise my total loyalty and faithfulness to my future husband. Character is more important than looks. Essay characteristics of my future husband me, i think my husband must be at least taller than me and have the strong muscle body to protect me.

Wynne Chu Wen: English assignment: My Perfect Future Husband

A sharp nose is a big plus. The future with the future husband essay. A man who understands and carries his duties as a husband is one whom all woman desire and sought after. Secondly, another format of a college personal statement which I will look for in my future husband is nobility.

I want to hear his dreams and to share in his struggles. Reading and fishing are so much a part of me. It is only normal for someone to picture their future life partner at this age. Order now After I got my heart broken a few times by some so called good-looking men, I realized how superficial I was.