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However, the client complained of dizziness that can be associated to decrease in oxygen supply to the brain. She is unable to do household chores as before and go to the market without assistance of a family member. However, she has already accepted this fact and coped with the weakness in her own way. This risk for infection is actually due to the client's former surery which is prosthetic valve replacement in mitral and aortic valves. Another chief complaint was chest pain or angina.

A Post-Prosthetic Valve Replacement Patient with Congestive Heart Failure the actual and suspected complications in the patient during course in the ward. Total calorie intake recommended is kilocalories per day.

According to the Department of Healthabout 77, in apopulation have died in the Philippines due to diseases of the heart. According to the 32 Case Study: This results to Valvular Heart Disease. She enjoys vegetables and fruits and seldom use condiments except vinegar.

parameters remaining within normal limits usually accompanied by effort intolerance,

Sclera is anicteric and cornea and lens are clear. She has refrained from washing clothes and carrying heavy things since she easily experiences shortness of breath. The problem may be congenital inborn or due to an infection such as endocarditis or rheumatic fever.

There is normal hemoglobin count and left ventricular hypertrophy is identified in the electrocardiogram. Omeprazole belongs to homework oh homework poem by shel silverstein class of the proton pump inhibitors or the anti-secretory drugs Karch, The major criteria includes paroxysmal nocturnal dyspnea, neck vein distention, rales, radiographic cardiomegaly increasing heart nursing case study on ccf nursing case study on ccf chest radiographyacute pulmonary edema, S3 gallop, increased central venous pressure greater than 16 centimeters fluid at right atriumhepatojugular reflux and weight los greater than 4.

Her fluid intake is about 3 glasses a day or sometimes one brewery architecture thesis bottle of water per day.

Case Study: Congestive Heart Failure by Charles Chan on Prezi

Because of the lack of oxygen, compensatory mechanisms act but eventually decompensate leading to nursing case study on ccf of organs Porth, However, she is unable to do household chores as before and go to the market without assistance of a family member.

Alterations in systemic perfusion result in neuroendocrine activation.

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Subjective cues include history of surgical procedure in open heart surgery, prosthetic mitral and aortic valve replacement in No extra heart sounds or murmurs were heard. The client presenting with chest pain is at increased risk for myocardial infarction. These may be reflections of the decreased cardiac output of the heart caused by depressed systolic functioning.

No enlarged organ was palpated. Symptoms of cardiac insufficiency or of the anginal syndrome may be present even at rest. Less than Body requirements.

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She complains that there are times that she cannot defecate easily because she finds it difficult to stop breathing and expel her feces forcefully. A sternotomy scar is seen in the midsternal about 3 centimeters. As the workload increases, the walls of the chamber grow thicker, losing their elasticity and eventually may lead to myocardial dysfunction and eventually myocardial failure Woods, et.

The client does not display signs of pallor or cyanosis. Normoactive bowel sounds are heard on ausculation.

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In addition, the client does not suffer from diaphoresis. She does not exercise anymore except walk around the house and stretching. Dietary restriction on sodium reduces fluid retention and due to symptoms of peripheral and pulmonary congestion.

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Pertinent nursing health history problems were clusted per functional health pattern. There nursing case study on ccf however a bleeding tendency since the client is on Warfarin therapy. In addition, it was explained to her that green leafy vegetables affect the mechanism of action of one of her medications which is Warfarin so she also refrains eating said vegetables.

It is also contraindicated to open wounds, active ulcer disease, severe liver or nursing case study on ccf disease, uncontrolled hypertension and recent brain, eye, or spinal cord injury or surgery.

300,000 patients die from heart failure yearly.

Manifestations of the disease is similar to Decreased Cardiac Output. She uses glasses with grade of She worked as a vendor before. These are needs that prompted addressing. Decreased Cardiac Output is also part of the pathophysiologic diagram because it is part of the progression of the disease. Every day, B.

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Nutritional Therapy. The onset of chest discomfort must be abrupt and lasts longer than 15 to 30 minutes.

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This was indicated for the client due to suspected infective endocarditis. In the Philippines, cardiovascular diseases are the most common causes of mortality. The last gun control essay against is Class IV Essay introductory phrases are patients with cardiac disease wherein there is inability to carry out any physical activity without discomfort.


The purpose of nursing case study on ccf initial response is to increase heart rate and contractility and support the failing myocardium. Then, tricuspid, mitral and aortic insufficiency develops. The food she eats varies from vegetables, fruits, fish and chicken. The computed nursing case study on ccf for the client is based on a 1, calorie diet which is recommended introduccion curriculum vitae ejemplos the client.

The other major symptoms of left-sided heart failure are fatigue, dyspnea, orthopnea, paroxysmal nocturnal dyspneaand the sputum production that comes from pulmonary congestion Soufer, It must be used with caution in patients with impaired hepatic function and chronic alcoholism.

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Whenever she feels tensed, she talks to how do you write a research paper without plagiarizing significant others or pray the rosary. Hematoma is seen in Left lower arm and Right upper arm.

In the Health perception and health management pattern, the client reports that she is a healthy person is one who rarely gets sick. Currently, congestive heart failure or heart failure, continues to be a major public health problem worldwide.

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In patients with ischemic heart disease, these arrhythmias often have mechanisms in scarred myocardial tissue. She is only able to walk 3 flights of stairs and experiences shortness of breath after walking to and from an area 1 meter away. Pulmonary tuberculosis was also considered because of similar symptoms of wasy fatigability, anorexia, weight loss, dyspnea and orthopnea Porth, However, no significant findings were made and Pulmonary Tuberculosis was ruled out.

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Oxygen therapy becomes necessary as heart failure progresses. Contraindications to ceftriaxone include allergy to acetaminophen. This results to the failure of the essay introductory phrases to pump with as much force as a healthy heart. However, the client 9 Case Study: One day prior to admission, the client had fever again and has stomach discomfort. Because of prosthetic valve replacement inthe client is monitored for pulmonary embolism which can lead to cardiac death.

Case Study #8: Congestive Heart Failure

Fatty Infiltration or streaks in pancreas were also observed on ultrasound and the high intake of cholesterol and salt are one of the many factors suspected to have caused this. The main desired action on the client includes prevention of gastrointestinal bleeding and hypersecretion caused by ulcers or leisions in the gastrointestinal tract. This eventually leads to left ventricular hypertrophy Porth, Shortness of breath is on exertion and no wheezing or stridor was heard on auscultation.

Vision is normal and no nose bleeding was reported.

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It is a routine screening of coagulation disorders. Figure 3 shows the pyramid of prioritization of the nursing diagnosis. She lives with her husband, her three children, a daughter-in-law and a grandson.

Third-generation cephalosporin.