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New fashions, new identities. The film takes place in a post-apocalyptic world, yearwhere an attempt to alter the affects of global warming has drastically altered everything, resulting in a ice age. Not only that, but later in the movie, Curtis reveals that he used to be a cannibal before the protein blocks were developed to feed the tail-enders.

The music stops mid-beat to the harmonious wail of a choir of fools.

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Yet, there is a scene where the train conductor, Wilford, is cooking a steak. The film follows Curtis' ambivalent relationship to leadership, and shows that ultimately, his refusal to become a figurehead on the train is what saves the society from violence and corruption.

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Wealthy passengers live in florid decadence in the front. What remains of humanity lives within an immense train created by Wilford that constantly travels the globe, never stopping. Additionally, we see the sacrifice of so many people throughout the course of the revolt.

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This movie poses the question of whether a society like this is capable of surviving and, if so, should it be allowed to survive? Who decided that factor?

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The revolting group continues, led by Curtis. Here, however, Snowpiercer invites its public into adopting a critical posture towards the complex truth of the who, what and how of environmental destruction. The first person they take is an elderly gentleman who can play the violin.

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The result is a unique and darkly compelling piece of speculative filmmaking. Violence Violence abounds in the film. The train dubbed the Rattling Arc careers at full pelt on the railroad tracks across the surface of a frosted Earth. Thursday, February 12, Snowpiercer Over the winter vacation, I was scrolling through Netflix and decided to watch Snowpiercer without any prior information to what the plot of it was or how it was received by pcra essay competition 2019 winner and audiences.

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The sample of cover letter for civil engineer are feeding off of the tail-sectioners in order to keep themselves alive much like Capitalism where the rich and wealthy will take advantage of the poor in order to gain more wealth snowpiercer thesis keep up their prosperous lives. When Wilford tells Curtis that everyone is meant to stay in their place, Curtis fires back, "That's what people in the best place say to the people in the worst place.


Then, in the dreamy whiteness, the heraldic bear and its limited offer of salvation to a solitary pair, fades to black. Do we take this devilish offer of salvation and be hoisted by it — efficiently, securely — through catastrophe upon catastrophe, and beg to join the bear in white abyss, or furrow a new path?

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  3. John Hurt plays Gilliam in Snowpiercer.
  4. In this moment, Curtis' worst enemy, Wilford, offers him a position of leadership.

The inhabitants of the train must simulate natural processes on the train. What kind of worlding in this garden, where survival must mean becoming-with, cautiously.

  • We watch as Curtis sacrifices his arm in order to save a child from the engine at the end of the film.
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They always take the children of the tail section. At the end, the revolutionaries destroy the train and throw its "natural" balance completely off course, in hope that they might have better luck in the wilderness.

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Yona, a girl with apparently supernatural powers, is one of the two survivors of the Rattling Arc. Bong uses our last moments with the character to bolt down the bizarre, painful truths of this world. A capitalist society devours itself.

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The film takes place in a post-apocalyptic world, yearwhere an attempt to alter the affects of global warming has drastically altered everything, resulting in a ice age. Later, Bong frames an especially violent sequence in a sauna with a yellow haze. Without pause.

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The tail of the train contains the poorer classes, who are oppressed and beaten down and are only kept alive in order to produce the children Wilford needs to operate the train. Tired of the oppressive upper class, Curtis leads a revolt in order to take control of the train by fighting his way to the front and taking the engine room by force.