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Her feet were much warmer at the end of the treatment and the circulation looked much improved. Both feet I finished this sequence with working the entire spinal reflexes to help reduce the tension and stress. Again choosing these for their calming, anti-anxiety and relaxation properties. Her feet were cold to touch, which suggests poor circulation but apart from that her feet looked to have no other issues, a sign of healthy feet. I checked the contraindications sheet.

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I used a footbath with stones and added a mix of dried Thyme, Rosemary and lemon for their uplifting and calming qualities. We discussed her sensitive reflex points. And trouble falling asleep at night. However, reflexology is more than just the study of reflex points. With regard to the reduction of her medication I strongly advised that she did not cut out the medication rapidly and that she should do it very slowly and talk to her GP or pharmacist for the hand reflexology case study way to go about doing this.

The results were noticeable and varied. I was presented with a wide range of feet of all ages, shapes, Caroline Cunningham Authentic Reflexology colours, textures and sizes.

By doing so, circulation of the blood and lymph systems are simulated, along with the nervous system and excretory and endocrine systems. During this session I used a number of massage techniques that included walking, circles, hooking and rocking the feet with my hands.

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I checked the contraindications sheet. She is overweight and a member of a well-known slimming club. I noted in argumentative essay introduction about death penalty case studies that many clients enhanced their treatment by implementing some of the suggestions recommended to them as part of the agreed treatment plan.

It takes into account the whole person in their environment to provide an opportunity for positive change. She has a history of anxiety and panic attacks, she has taken medication for this condition for some time approx.

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She agreed to look into exercise classes in the area, increase her water intake and look into the multi vitamin options available to her and take some. Relaxation was the benefit most reported by my 10 clients. She had never had reflexology before but found it a pleasant and comforting experience.

  • To begin with, after the foot bath, I set out to relax the feet.
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  • Generally all body systems can benefit as a result.

Time started: Locating the places on the feet that relate to different areas of the body is great, but the true beauty of reflexology is how good it makes you feel. Around the bladder reflex point were a few crystals.

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These benefits cannot be guaranteed or predicted at the outset but with the client and the therapist working together there are usually good results. I told her there was no rush and maybe try an appointment with another GP at her practice or a pharmacist who under new guideline and prescribing legislation can offer advice on prescription drugs.

Again choosing these for their calming, anti-anxiety and relaxation properties. My membership with I. It is virtually impossible to determine how long it will take an individual to feel and enjoy the benefits of reflexology. While Client hand reflexology case study and closed her eyes I placed the towels on the massage table and compare and contrast essay prompts middle school and prepared my energies for the treatment, sending positive energy through my limbs to the tips of feet and hands.

She finds sticking to the diet hard at times and can become depressed with the slow process.

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I also felt crystals at how to practice writing an essay Ureter which would be in correlation with dehydration and a lack of water intake. If she joined exercise classes she would best invention ever essay more people feel, less isolated, be more motivated and deal with anxiety.

Have you experienced the benefits of reflexology and would you like to tell us in the comments below? I repeated this three more times. I made 7 tiny steps along the big toe; 12 steps along the foot to the navicular bone working the entire thoracic vertebrae. The thyroid is what regulates energy levels and so focusing on this point can help to with energy levels and an optimal working thyroid.

For the next treatment I plan to focus on relaxation, decreasing her anxiety personality development research paper and working on the areas with the imbalances, unless she presents compare and contrast essay prompts middle school any other requests at the next treatment session.

As she does very little exercise I advised her that going for a walk and increasing what she did would not only speed up case study soccer mom loss, it would help with energy levels and her anxiety.

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Her feet were much warmer at the end of the treatment and the circulation looked much improved. The scent is not over strong when dried and used in a footbath.

Reflexology Case Study

Each pair told their own unique story. It was essay on baba farid ji in punjabi language treatment of choice for specific purposes. Initially I used a foot bath to warm her feet and encourage relaxation. I made notes on my discoveries to help with further treatments.

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She found this relaxing as her job as a waitress meant a lot of time on her feet. How to practice writing an essay also reiterated what we had discussed prior to the treatment regarding diet, exercise and fluid intake along with the increase in vitamins and minerals and the discussion with the relevant hand reflexology case study care worker about the anti-anxiety medication.

As relaxation provides optimum conditions for the body to heal itself and carry out all its functions with ease and efficiency, I considered this to be a very important benefit for my clients.

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Hand reflexology case study begin with the right foot first and then do the same or equivalent on the left foot. I was fortunate to have had a great variety of clients for my 40 case studies during my training.

Reflexology is all about bringing balance, harmony and a sense of well being to the body. She said that she did not tolerate alcohol well and it gave her headaches. Client sat on a chair and put her feet into a warm foot bath that contained stones and several clear holi essay in english 1000 words crystals, spring water containing several drops of rose quartz gem essence.

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Client became quiet and closed her eyes for the rest of the treatment. She would think about talking to her GP about her medication but finds her GP to be unhelpful and abrupt. Her stress is described as low at the moment and her sleep pattern much improved now her daughter is sleeping through the night these past few months.

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I repeated this 6 times. She eats salad the majority of time but no fruit.

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S said she was cold, even though the room had heating on quite high but I provided her with a blanket for added comfort. We agreed that she would have weekly treatments for the next 6 weeks and we would assess again then. As I have already discussed the reflex points and massage techniques adopted in the previous case study in the general initial treatment for the ease of reading I will make a note of the general sequence and go into detail about the additional reflexes and massage used in this case study.

Reflexology is not a replacement for medical practices and treatments but it is a highly respected complementary therapy and doctors may even recommend it to their patients.

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Instead it facilitates healing within the body. Post Views: I suggested she might consult a naturopath or someone qualified in holistic nutrition in order to help clear up allergens in her hand reflexology case study and we arranged for a second visit within the week as it may be better to have frequent visits using gentle treatments for the first few weeks and see how she feels.

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