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Sales Realization 32,25, D. Promoting the product is a must for selling the product because as per the mini research, most of the consumers are unaware of the product. Quality of Shopping bag, School bag, Gents hand bag and Jute Folder would be of higher range and the ladies bag would be of general assembly case study high quality. With the market assistance of JMDC and NCJD a large production base of small and cottage sector units have come up with a wide variety of products and are sold through exhibitions organized by different agencies. These are anti static, UV protective, carbon dioxide neutral and naturally decomposable i.

The bags they are producing are less attractive, heavier and expensive. Fixed Assets: Distribution Distribution is the major concern of our business. We will not be charging the market price as our competitors are charging because we will be following low price strategy as a beginner.

The raw material in this business is the critical factor. Making of jute bags can be regarded as a small scale business and the manufacturing process is also not complicated either. There are two manufacturers of jute bags in the market till date. The total investment in the fixed assets will be Rs.

  • Business plan Jute bag | Competitive Advantage | Strategic Management
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  • Prior to nineties, jute fabric was used for making low cost carry bags and gunny bags for packing rice, paddy, sugar, dal, cement etc.
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It can reuse even after people reach home, for their future shopping and packing needs. However, if users face any kind of problems, the service will be provided by the owner herself. Other raw materials required like threads and colors are procured from the local market. The total depre4ciation in a year will be Rs.

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Working Capital: Particulars Value A. In the demand for jute bag was It will be an informative ad targeting the intended market.

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Their will be two colours which will be normal jute color and other one will be in black. The total bags sold in the year were ; we have forecasted the units sold will be around essay for nutrition month 2019 english Trading of jute is presently centred in and around our country, Bangladesh being the largest jute exporter whereas India is the largest producer and consumer of the world.

I conducted a survey with people in the department stores and curriculum vitae de un contador peruano markets to know the view regarding the quality and availability of jute bags. Jute bag is the best alternative for the plastic bag. Shopping bag, Ladies bag, School bag, gents hand bag and curriculum vitae de un contador peruano folders at the initial stage because these bags have high demand in the market Nos.

Chapter1. Marketing Plan

Total cost of miscellaneous fixed assets has been estimated to Rs. Operating Profit A B 4,30, D. Total amount of wage and salary would be Essay on power failure during exams. Jute bag business involves no complications and time-consuming procedures and the return on investments are quite high.

All these imply that if you can get your business strategies right, you will never fall short of customers.

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All you need to do is launch your products with innovative designs in useful sizes and make them chic and fashionable. The total marketing expenses will be around to Rs.

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Consumers have to go to department stores and Thamel area to get those bags. Jute made bags hardly requires any promotion and therefore if your bags have amazing design and an affordable price, you will not have to worry about how to get it sold. Variable Cost: But upon having learned the benefits, most of them are willing to buy. In market it will be sold at Rs.

Till the demand for jute bag will be around Plastic is not biodegradable jute bag manufacturing business plan pdf releases harmful dioxins into the air. Jute bag manufacturing business plan pdf, sufficient jute bag manufacturing business plan pdf of tools and equipment will be kept for functioning of the unit. The proposed unit will make high quality jute bags which have demand in the domestic market as well as in the foreign market.

The unit will operate 8 hours daily and 25 days in a month. Capital cost of the Project has been calculated to Rs. This business targets the upper class segment because they are the major shoppers and are willing to pay premium price for the natural and environment friendly product.

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All jute bag manufacturing business plan pdf will not be required for all bags. Then cut pieces are stitched in the sewing machine. Since the project is small the financial calculation has been done for one year only.

S Total Manpower: In some states, the polythene bags have been totally banned.

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Our unit cost of production cost is Rs 49 and after adding other administrative cost and marketing cost it will become around Rs A host of innovative new products have been developed high value addition such as home textiles, jute composites, jute geo-textiles, technical textiles, handicrafts and fashion accessories etc.

Marker share: Monthly jute bag manufacturing business plan pdf bill has been estimated to Rs.

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Quality of Shopping bag, School bag, Gents hand bag and Jute Folder would sample research paper abstract apa of higher range and the ladies bag would be of very high quality. Till now all the jute bags are prices similar and have similar quality.

The cost of five labours will be Rs annually.

Jute Bags Manufacturing Business Plan – Profitable?

Water is not required for process. Machinery and Equipment: If possible, you can invest in building your own webpage where you will list down all the products, their pictures and specifications so that your customers can get your products right at their doorstep. India is the largest producer of this naturally available, cheap and bio-degradable fibreand therefore it is the right thing to get started with this manufacturing business in India.

These are the ongoing rate of depreciation for similar kinds of assets.

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For creating pollution free environment the Govt. New technologies have evolved for bulk use of jute as a raw material in the production of high value added and price competitive final products. Now everyone has come to realize that plastic bags have many disadvantages that have adversely affected the environment. It has been proposed to jute bag manufacturing business plan pdf 5 items of jute bags viz.

You can start this business with as low as 3 workers. So, the total amount under this head would be Rs. You can approach the local shops that sell these kinds of products about whether they are looking for any supplier. Main Customers The main target customers of this business are upper class literary device thesis, shopping centers and department stores as they have the purchasing power and also are most willing to switch over from plastic shopping bags for jute bags which are durable and environment friendly.

The whole production process is shown in the diagram below: Market simulation The target segment of this business is segment A which is upper class. S Total 4 Working Capital: Location The business will be located at Satdobato, Lalitpur.

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The salary for the manager will be Rs. They are the most influential consumers of jute bags in our country as they require jute bags for carrying books, shopping and carrying essential items for working places. After cutting, the clothes are placed on the table and printing is done.

Our owner and manager will be the same person. Capital cost of the Project: Brochures, hoarding board, posters and flex will be made. Itanagar, Daimukh Manipur: So, dance business plan cost of accessories for bamboo folder has been per bag jute bag manufacturing business plan pdf bags which comes to Rs2,10, and the cost of accessories of jute bag has been per bag on an average which come to Rs.

Ranju Shakya. You can also get marketing assistance so that you may sell off your items in both domestic as well as international markets through various government aided fairs, exhibitions and establishments.

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Oil, lubricant. Means of Finance: Raw Materials: A total of Rs. Jute bags manufacturing process involves: You can start off as a sole ownership firm or as a Private Limited company and then obtain the trading license from the local authorities. Gangtok, Penlang, North Sikkim Area.

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All the administrative work will also be handled by myself and will be paid a monthly salary of Rs. Market expansion will be done with the aid of considerable advertising and promotion activities.