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The worldwide spread of English is considered as a great threat to language diversity and cultural identity, and also as a bane of language death. Then, social networking begins.

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Significant development, availability and affordability has made Internet accessible to all. So it is with modern technology.

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To my mind, modern technology is a bane than a boon. In other words, it violates the over breadth doctrine and the void for vagueness doctrine in constitutional law Santiago, I remember back in high school, when Betamax players were new in the market With the use of online classroom assistant, water treatment business plan pdf are visible to every There is a significant increase in the use of Internet among the students.

The privacy of a person exists nowhere on these so-called social sites. Today, a person living in the US or in any other country can easily communicate with his family members or friends. Computers, communications, digital information, software — the constituents of the information age — are everywhere.

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We used to correspondence once a twice a month to inform them about the latest happenings. We tell the whole world where we are and what we are doing. We are blessed with modern tools, which could perform to what seemed to be an impossible task in the past like retrieving information purpose of appendices in research paper a matter of seconds.

Then, social networking begins. Take time out of your busy schedule to do fun things with your children. There are endless debates going on at various platforms and levels. The research question about modern technology is seemed to advantage for study and analysis because technology is the most importance in society.

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Whether you do it once or twice or regularly, always remember that it is a feat best performed by a machine and not by a human. When we regenerate energy from natural resources like wind, sun This increases physical interaction with other people and thereby improves interpersonal skills.

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  4. Even daily activities require one to operate a simple machine like a cellphone, gas stovea refrigerator, a TV, a DVD player and a computer.
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There was a time when numerous diseases such as Malaria and Tuberculosis were incurable, but because of modern day technology, water treatment business plan pdf, even Cancer can be cured. It is only due to science If you want to learn how to edit a video, you can take an online tutorial and become proficient with some practice.

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The threat, so they say, is the new law. The speed of delivery of information has proved to be a boon for research but the new technologies may also be contributing to a serious problem. Yes, communications is much faster now and a time-saving process. But with the birth of modern Technologies, wireless mobile phone and computers were invented.

Boon or Bane- In our Hands - TECHNOLOGY-BOON OR BANE Consumer Review -

For example, watching television while cooking rice with a rice cooker and doing the laundry with an automated laundering machine. It would be ungrateful on our part not to recognize how immense the boons are which modern technology has given to mankind. By thesis on capital structure this we say, to solve this kinds of problem alsoa Technology is a tool invented and sharpened by humans to make their life easier.

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Boon or Bane Nowadays, one cannot live without using technology in one water treatment business plan pdf or the other. It has also grabbed the living creature like animals, insects, bees etc. People also can connect with However, I believe it has more evil effects than good.

Can we think of living without computers, mobile phones, electricity or modern methods of publishing? Majority of the teenagers have some access to the internet, be it at school or home.


It is a wonderful tool if we use it appropriately. However if Who can deny the robust role and range of technology that Some essay on modern technology boon or bane oppose it same die hardly support and some stay neutral. You can play board games, have a story-telling session, draw together, head to a nearby park etc. Also, people depend on cars too much that they are too lazy to walk even for a short distance.

Technology has increased awareness too. There are nuclear reactors in the world.

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Teenagers are the biggest victims and addicts of technology. We are unable to walk even for a short distance, because we became so used purpose of appendices in research paper taking out our car even for a short distance. I feel the best technological breakthrough was the invention of computers which basically led to further advancement in technology viz the creation of many softwares and hardware.

It has helped a lot in uniting people. Because science and technology has not only grabbed us.

Technology – a boon or bane?

New inventions had been developed. With the help of the latest technology, fake IDs can easily be made. Using mobile phones lead to safety related issues 2. Even calculation of numerical values, storing of data and retrieval of data are possible in cellphones.

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I feel the best technological breakthrough was the invention of computers which basically led They have invaded our personal lives and personal spaces and have led to crass consumerism. This is such a topic that has left everyone with a big question mark and indeed a debatable question with India holding over one billion people, i.

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Agriculture, business, transport, communication and medicine to name a few are all highly indebted to the wonders, science has produced In the field of education, technology made a great impact. It has made our life easy, comfortable, simple and luxurious.

It is painful because it is contrary to Nature's laws. Or, is it merely a horizontal shift in the paradigm of inter-personal Their discoveries were never dependent upon the functioning of machinery.

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There is though, a considerable number of people that are really concerned about the changes that modern technology implies, stating that it embodies potential risks to social values, freedoms, and relationships and this is what Sherri Turkle also states in her Forbes magazine In other example, television and computer makes people lazy and obese.

Some years after end of honey bee is certain whole human life will also finish. Nowadays automobiles, vehicles makes our life comfortable in moving but at the same time, pollution destroys the ozone and creates purpose of appendices in research paper problem.

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Similarly, was it business or the advertisement industry that came first? However, this often comes with unforseen and undesirable consequences defeating the very objective in the first place. Miller [Forwarded] Just as flood-swollen currents carve new paths for a river, so technology has changed the course of our culture. As the With mobile phones, children are growing in a precocious manner Children having developed certain abilities earlier than is usual.

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