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At last we end up near a water stream again. The distance from Colombo to the entry point of Palatupana is km. So we all had fun there as well. The reptile fauna recorded from the park is 46 and five of them are endemic: A number of lagoons are situated along the coast line of the park. It is used all over the world trip to yala national park essay as the first language or a second language.

The national park is in the dry semi-arid climatic region and rain is received mainly during the northeast monsoon. It is used all over the world either as the first language or a second language.

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So then we had to sit and look at the environment. Literary analysis essay jane eyre the children were so troublesome.

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It makes both your lives easier to meet the people off the buses right away, as it gets competitive and most drivers will call their friends to tell them you are coming. In the bare sand Crinum zeylanicum is found. The mangrove vegetation in the Buthuwa lagoon is largely Rhizophora mucronata while Avicennia spp. We passed many mountains and rivers. The trip to yala national park essay habitats affected are scrub forest and grasslands.

We are so lucky to live in Sri Lanka as it has many beautiful trip to yala national park essay resources. These rivers and streams exhibit a degree of runoff fluctuations between wet and dry seasons. Everyone in the country must determine to learn English and to obtain the utmost benefits that can be gained through it.

Among native american research paper ideas water birds attracted to the lagoons are Lesser Flamingo, Pelicon, Spoonbill, painted stork, rare black necked Stork, grey heron, purple heron, night heron and Darter.

As we have been to Nuwara Eliya many times, we thought of going to Ratnapura. These magnificent beasts have now much habituated to the encroachment of their domains by the humans in jeeps.

We all got off from the jeep and had a walk together towards trip to yala national park essay water.

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We selected galle road to travel there because we knew that we will be passing places like Hikkaduwa beach, Galle, Unawatuna, koggala. Sandy beach at Yala - We had lot of fun there playing, laughing, joking and making fun at each other as typical guys.

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Of bird species of the park, six are endemic to Sri Lanka. In the water courses of Yala, 21 fresh water fishes are found. We left Colombo in the morning and we started our trip from galle road. Raptors include crested serpent eagle and white bellied sea eagle.

Glenniea unijuga is an endemic plant species found around the wetlands of the park. It was a life time experience for me to visit Yala with my friends.

The forest area is restricted to around the Menik River while rangelands are found towards the sea side. Yala National Park that consists of five blocks is the most visited and second largest national park in Sri Lanka.

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We had no idea where we are going but we felt the driver and the guide were very much familiar with the jungle. To achieve the dream, I should study well. The threatened species include sloth bear Melursus ursinusLeopard Panthera pardus kotiyaelephant Elephas maximuswater buffalo Bubalus bubalisWild boar Sus scrofaspotted deer Axis axis ceylonessissambar Cervus unicolor and golden jackal Canis aureus.

But after having a bath, unfortunately we were so sleepy so all our elders were free from trouble. Kumbukkan Oya discharges seven times as much water in the rainy literature review metrology than in the dry season. We all got into a safari jeep with an experience driver and a guide.

Trip to Yala National Park – A day with Wild-life

Though we were inside the jeep the elephant was well capable to harm us. It is also possible to stay at a bungalow more near the park, but it may cost homework scanning app and is a little more difficult to reach alone.

So we came in a hurry out of the park.

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Yemeena Ismail 10 years Lyceum Int. Other habitat types of literature review metrology Block Ing life case study are tanks and water holes, lagoons and mangroves and chena lands. Once I read in a book that Yala has the highest density trip to yala national park essay leopards and the largest leopards in Asia.

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Kumbukkan Oya in the east and Menik River and its tributaries in the west flow across the park, and provide an important water source in the dry season to wild animals of the park. The guide asked us to stay calm till it move to the other side.

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It was very much like we are in some other world. It was nearly 11 a.

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It was very much pure than I expected. Reddish brown soil and low humic grey soil are prominent among six soil types.

Yala National Park – Travel guide at Wikivoyage

Jeremiah Dias. After the disaster the NDVI value fell dramatically to 0. In the bare sand Crinum zeylanicum is found. Crested Serpent-eagle and White-bellied Sea Eagle are the raptors of the park. Trip to yala national park essay the next minute we saw a nice water stream which is very much like a tank made by a king at an ancient time. The coastal line of the park is visited by the all five globally endangered sea turtles Leatherback turtle, Olive Ridley, Loggerhead Sea Turtle, Hawksbill turtle, and Green turtle that visit Sri Lanka.

The bodies of surface water appear in the forms of streamstanks, waterholes, rock pools, and lagoons. Our parents were forced to stop.

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Crabs and prawns include the fauna in the lagoons of the park. We enjoyed our way to Yala very much. How to finish a descriptive essay were pigs, crocodiles and birds as well. Anwer Ahmed Grade 9. More than earning money, I love to be with the people. Leopards can be seen throughout the park, though best period for enjoying the sights of leopards is during January to July.

Yala National park is very famous for leopards.


The lagoons of Pilinnawa, Mahapothana, and Pahalapothana are also located in this block. But the guide said we must leave, otherwise it is hard to find the way back and it will be dangerous because all the animals coming out of the jungle. We were surrounded by the large trees and the songs of the birds.