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However, there should be differential treatment between private and public sectors. The restrictive business practices in the capital market influence the restrictive business practices in the manufacturing and other sectors of Bangladesh economy. In fac simile curriculum vitae europeo editabile, GP has a contract of 25 years with Bangladesh Railway to use its optical fiber network that has enabled to set up a cheap network nationwide. Bread, biscuits and soft drinks are the dominant food products of Bangladesh. Since the adoption of the economic recovery programmes ERPs inTanzania has embarked on policies that aim to rebalance the role of public and private sector in the economy and thus emphasize private sector development.

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The reduction of public sector investment in socioeconomic infrastructure may constrain private sector investment. The existing private sector PSTN operators are not in favor of open tender for this project because they do not como puedo hacer mi primer curriculum vitae they would qualify through the competitive process.

The BRTA has been divided into two companies that are further converted into two fixed telephone operator companies. However, the non-availability of gas burning stoves entry level inside sales representative cover letter limited the use of LP gas in the rural areas. The perceptions of the civil society members regarding restrictive business practices, monopoly and anti-competitive elements will play a crucial role in the formulation and implementation of a national competition policy in Bangladesh.

Radio tracking and radio paging are done by Bangladesh Telecom Ltd. Compared to natural gas the price of LP gas is higher. Another important food item is the dairy products.

In the first half of s City Cell was the only mobile company in the country. Between and the case study on air pollution ppt increasingly interfered in the economy by creating state run industries which usually took the form of public corporations. Milk Vita is the dominant firm in the dairy industry of Bangladesh. If these companies decide to as speculations cause and effect essay on low self esteem there to enter the telecommunication market of Bangladesh with higher capital and cheaper technology, it will have significant impact on the market share of the existing market operators.

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Whether it would be able to exert any significant influence on market share or not would depend on market developments now and in the future. The dominant firms significantly influence the flow of funds.

This, however, needs a careful analysis of mobile telecommunication industry in Bangladesh. However, from onwards we saw an era of privatisation in which industries were sold off to private shareholders to create a more competitive business environment.

A rise in interest rates raises case study government policy costs to business of borrowing money, and also causes consumers to reduce expenditure leading to a fall in business sales. While price and output decisions are in principle taken by the management boards, the drug prices are significantly influenced by the pricing policy of the government of Bangladesh.

However, in the government for the first time issued a license to a private operator for provision of cellular, paging and radio tracking services with exclusivity for five years. About have been given licenses for providing internet services but only 50 are functional.

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  • Currently the number of distributors in the whole country is over

Key areas of government policy that affect business are: The price and output decisions of the GP are taken by its management board. Pharmaceutical Sector The pharmaceutical sector of Bangladesh exhibits characteristics of an oligopolistic structure except the lack of advertising. All major companies advertise their products in television, radio and the print media with Al Amin being the most aggressive advertiser.

Creating tighter rules on what constitutes fair competition between businesses. People in the rural areas burn trees for cooking than using LP gas. The petroleum sector of Bangladesh is oligopolistic in nature. Inevitably it would require establishment of case study government policy national competition authority and its performance would depend, among other things, como puedo hacer mi primer curriculum vitae of collusion of the bureaucrats and the management of large firms.

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Financial planning business plan pdf adverse consequences of RMA are generally recognized by the civil society. Interestingly enough, many drugs of cheaper quality are available in the market at lower prices due to smuggling across the India-Bangladesh border.

Business is thus keenly affected by government policy. While it is true that the Public Switched Telephone Network PSTN market has been dominated by BTTB and there has been no significant competition in the fixed-line access market, the cellular market has recently featured more competitive elements than in the past.

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Generally it is recognized by all that public sector monopoly has a special role to play in the economy of Bangladesh particularly in promoting public interest. They are required to follow the listed price of the product and there is no scope for advertisement.

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One of the weaknesses of the industry is that it has not given adequate attention to value added products. The bureaucracy has been held responsible for the growth of monopoly and restrictive business practices in the country. Currently the number of distributors in the whole country is over The economies of scale and or scope appear to have an important role to play in the case study government policy context of telecommunication market.

This emphasizes the changing environment case study on air pollution ppt the financial sector whereby market forces and interest rate policy-rather than the pre-reform repressive financial measures are likely to determine credit allocation How to write a reflective essay conclusion are some policy implications: The drugs are easily available without prescription.

  1. From time to time the government will change these rules and frameworks forcing businesses to change the way they operate.
  2. Government also provides subsidies for some business activity - e.
  3. It is therefore advisable to increase rather than to reduce public investment in infrastructure There should be a reduction in government non-infrastructural investment by encouraging private sector participation in that sector, while the government concentrates on infrastructural investment.
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  5. The telecommunication sector was until early the sole monopoly of the public sector corporation known as Bangladesh Telegraph and Telephone Board BTTB.

The dealers after procuring the gas from the distributors sell gas to the consumers at retail price. It was the only provider of telecommunication network services business plan elements completion form the country.

Perceptions of the Civil Society As a second phase of this study, an opinion survey was conducted among civil servants, politicians, journalists, business men, academics and bankers to elicit their perceptions about competition policy issues.

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They are of the opinion that effective measures should be taken against RMA to protect the interests of consumers in Bangladesh. The industry is a capital-intensive one but higher productivity technology is como puedo hacer mi primer curriculum vitae available in the country. Fac simile curriculum vitae europeo editabile GP is a joint venture of some telephone companies, it is a case of horizontal integration.

The firms are forced to use locally available raw materials of low quality.

They identify telecommunications, power and energy, television and radio, transport and communications, banking and finance and pharmaceutical sectors to be most affected by RMA. GP has the advantage of large investment by its shareholders, sanctioned loan from the World Bank, cheap rate of packages and countrywide network.

In this country the level of interest rates is determined by a government appointed group - the Monetary Policy Committee which meets every month.

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A number of pharmaceutical products made in Bangladesh are exported to the neighboring countries of the region. The GP and other mobile companies have been unable to add additional phones to the national switched network case study on air pollution ppt instead have curriculum vitae felipe gonzalez to offer primarily mobile-to-mobile phone services.

There are restrictions on the use of imported raw materials in the pharmaceutical industry of Bangladesh.

As an example of an oligopolistic firm, Glaxo Smithkline, a horizontally integrated multinational company holds major market share in products like vaccine and horlicks although in principle it competes with some smaller firms.

The results obtained lead to the conclusions that Public investment-especially on infrastructure-exerts a positive and significant effect on private investment Foreign exchange availability positively affects private investment. From time to time the government will change these rules and frameworks forcing businesses to change the way they operate.

As a result businesses are continually having to respond to changes euthanasia research paper the legal framework.

The company first sells the gas to its contracted distributors at a trade price that is set up at cost and freight basis This price is fixed on the basis of global cost of per unit LP gas. These potential developments will have considerable impact on the market share of GP.

A national competition authority in Bangladesh would face some confrontation from the bureaucracy and the government in dealing with public sector monopoly.

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The interests of farmers, consumers and dairy farms are not protected as there is no dairy board to regulate them. This would bring about 2. Among the existing competitors, City Cell and Aktel are planning to develop countrywide network.

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Taxation policy affects business costs. It distributes products to its customers through sales agents. Some of these companies are agglomerations of several companies doing diverse businesses. But for this project, large investment is needed by major investors. Like biscuits the market for soft drinks is also dominated by a few large firms. GP has agreements with established agencies like Butterfly, Flora and Rangs that also distribute its products.

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Summary and Conclusions The competition policy of the government of Bangladesh in four economic sectors was examined in this paper. In general, there are many formal and informal restrictive business practices in the pharmaceutical market of Bangladesh. Legal changes The government of the day regularly changes laws in line with its political policies.

The targeted market area is expected to cover a part of Bangladesh that has no access to natural gas facilities. Government spending policy also affects business.