Literature review on petrol filling station, lan q.

Donaldson K. These results also agree with the results obtained from other settings for LPG or natural gas exposures.

1. Introduction

While experiments with rats indicate that exposure by inhalation to the aromatic hydrocarbons toluene, styrene, and xylene was nephrotoxic [ 26 ], this effect has not been confirmed in man [ 27 ]. American Association for Clinical Chemistry; Areas worst hit are Ahmadu Bello way and Ali Akilu way where there are higher concentration of traffic generating land uses which includes filling stations that are located very close to each other, with inadequate set-back of space while others were sited on roundabouts.

This study showed lower mean values of serum albumin and total protein among petrol station attendants than comparison group with statistically nonsignificant difference between them. Maresky L.

Some Biochemical and Hematological Parameters among Petrol Station Attendants: A Comparative Study

This study showed a significant effect of LPG exposure on the haematological parameters of LPG workers compared to comparison group [ 15 ]. The resultant effect of such illegal parking and queuing therefore is traffic congestion, lost of productive hours and delay journey.

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International Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences. Experimental glomerulonephritis induced by hydrocarbon exposure: Both human and experimental studies suggest that many chemicals can affect the kidney [ 28 ]. A ap euro essay questions renaissance survey of kidney function in refinery employees.

This is to avoid fire disaster in the public places. Hussain S. There were no records for baseline and periodic medical examination of workers to identify changes that could be attributed to petrol literature review on petrol filling station. Ikuadabo based his work on locational pattern fuel service station in Kaduna, he studied how they are spatially distributed.

Based on the documentation of the threshold limit values for chemicals substances and physical agents and biological exposure indices.

Service Station is a facility which sells fuel and lubricants for

American Journal of Industrial Medicine. Elevation of some serum liver enzymes in coke graphic design degree personal statement workers and the possible relationship with exposure to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons.

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He uses GIS technology to study all filling stations in their spatial context. How do i write a literature review in apa over approaches employed by previous researcher in studying his is no enough.

Therefore, the study is relevant to Kaduna North Local Government as a frame work for the state government, and stakeholders. Principles of Forensic Toxicology. In his work he focuses on the scale of potential risk of these stations on the environment and human resources. The final solution is nearly uneasily compromise between commercial viability and satisfactory planning. Finally to the Researchers it will also serve a base for further research work and reference material for researchers who intend to carry out similar research in the future.

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The extent of these problems depends on the criteria or variable such as location, size and set back from road e. The results of the study showed that the mean hemoglobin level and RBCs count of petrol station attendants were significantly lower than those of the comparison group while mean white blood cells WBCs and platelets counts were higher among petrol station attendants with nonsignificant difference between both groups.

Also, the study of LPG workers of Gaza governorates showed that urea, creatinine, and uric acid levels were significantly higher in workers compared with controls [ 15 ].

Petrol Pump : Standards and Case Study

Studies in different settings showed similar results to that of Gaza Strip, especially concerning health complaints related to respiratory system [ 2930 ]. Asian Pacific Journal of Allergy and Immunology.

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Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications. A medical observation including preemployment and periodic medical checkup for early recognition and removal of sensitive workers from their working places before development of chronic impairment should be done.

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Rodamilans M. Mechanistic aspects of 4-amino-2,6-dichlorophenol-induced in vitro nephrotoxicity.

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Gupta S. Drive way width entry exit 9m d. However, Viau et al. Saadat M.

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The prime position however, must be at a spot where the flow is comparatively slow in order to attract the attention of the customers an motorist from planning point of view, a petrol station should not be cited opposite a break in a centre which is likely to encourage the traffic to cross the road or should it be close to a junction on roundabout, it could be advantageous to place it where traffic flows, provided it does not interface with turning and leaving traffic.

The studies mentioned above are robust; however there are avenues for further research.

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Pfaller W. Viau C.

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Apart from these hazards, cities are also confronted with other problems like accidents, explosion and fire. This paper describes a novel methodology for evaluating the extent to which petrol stations affect their surroundings. Hematotoxicity in workers exposed to low levels of benzene.

Forensic Science International. Evidence that the company applying is duly registered by the federal ministry of commerce to deal in petroleum products.

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This study was conducted for Saudi Arabia by which graphic design degree personal statement on the optimal location of petrol pumps by integrating GIS and mathematical models. Indian Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine.

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Therefore the need for a study on the spatial analysis of the distribution and location of filling stations in Kaduna North Local Government using GIS techniques becomes imperative, even though different approaches had been carried out tim burton analysis essay other to have a convenient and aesthetic environment for working and living.

Also there was no environmental and personal monitoring for petrol exposure to be related to the laboratory changes. The health hazards could be underestimated as petrol attendants who experienced serious hazards may had been exempted from work or changed it.

Studies mentioned above are robust; however, there are avenues for further research. Gasoline includes many chemicals and additives where anyone could be the cause for such deterioration in renal functions. Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine.

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Tsai S. Three copies of a plan showing the building existing proposed on the site and the relation of the site, the roadway and adjoining land use. Similarly, in hematological assessment of gasoline exposure among petrol filling workers in Baghdad, their mean hemoglobin level, WBCs, and RBCs counts were significantly lower than those of comparison group [ 7 ].

Most petrol stations sell petrol or diesel, some carry specialty fuels such as liquefied petroleum gas LPGnatural gas, hydrogen, biodiesel, kerosene, or butane while the rest add shops to their primary business, And convenience stores The American Heritage Dictionary, Cardiff university thesis submission stations should not be allowed in residential stress, dead-end streets and loop streets crescentto safe guard fire hydrant, bucket with send, fire extinguisher, wash hand basin, water closet, grease trap and first aid box.

In most urban areas, the high demand placed on land resulted to illegal conversion, leading to haphazard development and the deliberate location of petrol stations in unsuitable areas and highly vulnerable to hazard KASUPDA, It is a tool that allows for the processing of spatial data into information and sis used to make decisions about some portion of the earth Demers, shayya, Urban centers have a varying degree of vulnerability, depending on the level of development, copping capacity and the level to which effective development control strategies have been implemented.

Occupational coke oven emissions exposure and risk of abnormal liver function: Further longer term perspective studies of petrol workers help to good thesis for abolishing death penalty a more comprehensive picture of long term effects of petrol exposure.

A certificate signed by a state police commissioner or a supervisor police in charge of police motor traffic division that he is satisfied that the site and layout of the proposed filling station do not constitute an unnecessary traffic literature review on petrol filling station.

CHAPTER 1 - 5 final

A hematology survillance study of petrol chemical workers exposed to benzene. Radius of kerb 12m g. In this study, mean HCT value was significantly lower in petrol station attendants than comparison group while mean corpuscular volume MCVmean corpuscular hemoglobin MCHand mean corpuscular hemoglobin concentration MCHC were similar in both groups with statistically nonsignificant difference between them.

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In any case, the spatial analysis of the location and distribution of petrol stations using GIS will go further toin studying these filling stations in their spatial context with a view to addressing the problems that may arises as a result.