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The train feathers are modified so that they do not have the barbs that hold the feathers in place and are therefore associated loosely. Many people like to keep peacocks in their homes. She does not have a crown on its head.

It has a bright shining tail. It is a very beautiful bird. The peacock is dark blue in color and it is a delight to see them. Its feathers open like a fan.

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It is the national bird of India. When agitated they will prefer to flee by running, rarely opting to take a flight.

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Some people eat its flesh. There are moon like spots on them.

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The Indian Peacock and the Burmese Peacock. Hunting of the national bird is illegal. The peahens have no beautiful feathers. Peacocks are many found in Assam, Mizoram and Madhya Pradesh. It has long feathers with bright eyes. The train feathers are modified so that they do not have the barbs that hold the feathers in place and are therefore associated loosely.

They prefer to live near water-bodies. On its head, there is a crest.

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Though some strong measures have been taken to save this national bird from extinction, but a move in the right direction is yet to be taken. It is only the third time that beautiful feather comes out.

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Eligible males are surrounded by females who take turns to mate following repeated courtship display by the males. They can grow to a length of to cm from tip of the beak to the end of the train and weigh an average of 5 Kg.

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It starts dancing when it sees dark clouds in the sky. Mutation in the genes producing melanin, results in white peafowls that have starkly white modello di curriculum vitae semplice with cream and brownish markings. It has a long neck.

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By seeing a flock of peacocks running away, the travellers guess the near approach of a cat. They made into fans. The peacocks have a very sharp and shrill voice and they generally are very alert.

It is beautiful but not useful. They predominantly have essay on our national bird peacock in english grey coloring, and sometimes have a crest similar to the peacock but brown in color. The garden peacock is a pet bird. And his throne was called as the Peacock Throne. In a flock, there are many peahens and one peacock and few chicks.

The crest of a Javan peacock is higher and more brightly coloured than that of the Indian. The peacock is found in fields and gardens. It has an attractive bluish-green feather on its body. It also found in places where there are large groves of trees.

The Hindus consider the peacock a sacred bird.

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The Javan peacock is more beautiful and attractive than Indian. A peahen is smaller in size. The Peahens grow upto a length of 0. The difference between the two peacocks is that the Indian peacock has a tuft of hair on its crest and the Burmese Peacock crest is pointed. It is more lovable and gorgeous bird. The peacocks cannot fly too much but they can run really fast as they have strong legs.

Types of peacock There are two kinds of peacocks- the garden peacocks and the jungle peacocks.

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Essay on Peacock to words The peacock is the national bird of India. They are colorful. It can run very fast. The peacock eats grains, ripe fruits, worms, and small insects.

It feels very happy when it sees dark clouds in the sky and then dances with joy. The peacocks have the small crest that makes them look handsome. The peacocks spread their train in the shape of a fan and quiver them during unemployment essay samples courtship display.

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It dissertation on exclusive breastfeeding very much afraid of tigers and lions. Its crest is taller than Indian peacock.

Short Paragraph on Peacock Bird | Essay on National Bird of India

They usually live in groups. Image Credit: The peacock and the peacock feather is still a popular motif to be used in logos, textile patterns as well as designs.

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Semi-wild populations occur in Australia, New Zealand and even in the Bahamas. We have written the useful essay on peacock for school students. It has a long neck and small head. The Indian peafowls do not have any specific breeding season and mating is generally dependent on rain.

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They have a crest of upright feathers on top of the head which are short and tipped with blue feathers. They eat grains, and are friends of the farmers and enemies of the insects. They are hunted and killed by poachers for meat as well. When they see any danger they use their voice to alert the other birds.

The male and female chicks are indistinguishable initially.

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The males start to develop the distinctive plumage from two years of age and they mature at around four years. There is violet half-moon shape spot on its tail feathers. It generally lives in jungles, gardens, and hillsides.