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The thesis will follow the style guidelines of the most recent addition of the Chicago Manual of Style and the formatting guidelines set forth by the Graduate School and Potter College of Arts and Letters. Before beginning work on the thesis itself, the student will provide each member of the committee with wku thesis five-page thesis proposal which a indicates the nature and scope of the proposed topic and b indicates the major sources of research materials which will be used for the study. Authors should note, abstracts appearing in the chapters need not follow the format of the abstract appearing in the front matter. List of fungal strains used in the biochemical analysis; toxin subtype designation, sequencing types and alleles.

Statements of Compliance Confirmation of compliance with all international, federal, state, local and other applicable public and private regulations must appear in the document.

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Admission to Candidacy Form D Admission to Candidacy Form D is acted upon by the Graduate Council after the completion of 12 hours and before the semester of graduation with a 3. No correspondence work can be applied toward the degree. Introduction, Material and Methods, Results, Conclusions, and References may be the subheading in all chapters. Application for the Degree Application for the Degree must be filed with the Registrar by the dates established by the Registrar each semester.

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If the work is presented in two or more distinct projects, breaking the narrative into separate chapters is justified. Abbreviations must be denoted immediately after the first occurrence of the word or phrase and must be used for all subsequent occurrences. Two special conditions are: Applications to the History Department's wku thesis programs are handled by Ultrasound tech cover letter Graduate School office.

At a Glance

The Graduate School or college readers will not necessarily review wku thesis submission for correct spelling and grammar; however, if errors are found, the Graduate School and the college readers may return the document for correction. If you change your plan and decide to complete six class hours instead of doing the thesis, you should inform the Graduate Director or your Advisor of your decision.

Please consult the chosen style manual for specifics.

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  2. We recommend that early in the Masters program all students begin to consider the possibility of developing a thesis direction.

The Modern Languages Department will administer language proficiency exams. Students may not sit for the exams until completion of all should a business plan have references for the degree and until a draft of the thesis has been approved. The advanced test in History is not required.

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The completed thesis can carries six hours of credit; non-thesis students will take an equal number of hours in apol 104 critical thinking assignment buddhism classroom courses.

Time Limit All requirements for the degree must be completed within a period of 5 consecutive years from the date of first enrollment. If using a list of acronyms please include it in the glossary section. The Department of Communication provides standardized timelines for developing a thesis.

For example, if the term 'discipline' appears in the index, all of the pages on which the term 'discipline' appears employment cover letter templates be listed. The research tool must be completed before beginning work on the thesis.

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Students must meet the minimum sample cover letter for community assistant for admission set forth by The Graduate School. Assume the following title appears associated with a table in the document. Comprehensive Written and Oral Examinations In case of the latter, non-English text may appear as subject material or data but should not appear as narrative. Comprehensive Written and Oral Examinations These are oral and written examinations which cover the student's entire graduate program, including the thesis.

The Graduate School - Thesis/Dissertation Committee Selection

Research Tool The research tool requirement may be met by demonstrating proficiency in 1 a foreign language, or 2 MathematicsStatistics, or 3 Historyprovided it is not being taken for course credit wku thesis part of the program.

Enrollment Limits: Students must sit for the Graduate Record Examination GRE and submit scores to the university as part of their application.

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However, should the Graduate School or the college reader review the document for style, the author may be asked should a business plan have references modify the style to adhere to the chosen style guideline as well as provide the style citation. Time Limit All requirements for the degree must be completed within a period of 5 consecutive years from the date of first enrollment.

The page will be complete once signed by the Dean. Applications to the History Department's graduate programs are handled by The Graduate School office www. Spelling and Grammar It is the responsibility of the author, the research supervisor, and the author's research committee to ensure the document is submitted using correct spelling and proper grammar.

We recommend that early in the Masters program all students begin to consider the possibility of developing a thesis direction. A maximum of nine 9 credit-hours for graduate courses work may be transferred from another institution. Bibliography The bibliography section will contain a list of all of the referenced material in the document.

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The Graduate Director will notify the faculty members listed as the Thesis Committee. Transfer Work: Preface optional The PREFACE briefly informs the reader as to why the author wrote the document or chose to work in this academic area and also describes any particular events or feelings the author encountered while performing this work.

Thesis Writing Process: If not enrolled in graduate course work, the student must enroll in wku thesis, Maintaining Matriculation, during any semester or summer term in which the thesis is being actively pursued or the degree is attained. Thesis Committee: Please refer to the example documents for the proper format and spacing.

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Narrative Section Master thesis structure introduction narrative of the document should follow the guidelines set forth above, however this leaves much flexibility for style.

Thesis and Research Writing. The student registers for HistoryThesis Research 3 hours and Thesis Writing 3 hoursno later than the semester in which he or she graduates. An example of denoting an abbreviation and subsequent use: However, ano ang photo essay tagalog different chapters are targeted for publication in different journals, each chapter may adopt the structure of that journal.

All submitted files will be uploaded in Sample cover letter for community assistant and should be assumed to be freely available to the public.

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If the steps outlined above have been followed, changes at this stage should be minor. The supervising bodies providing compliance essay public school may include but not limited to: List of fungal strains used simple outline for a business plan the biochemical analysis.

Approved by the Graduate Council: Graduate students may not enroll for more than 15 hours in a semester or 12 hours in a summer term of 11 weeks -- or 6 hours in a term of 5 weeks. Table 1. A grade of B is required in any research tool course.

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If chapters are used see below then each chapter may contain an abstract, but this chapter abstract will only encompass material in that chapter. The student must consult with the faculty mentor to develop an appropriate thesis topic. The faculty mentor must be a member of the Graduate Faculty and will serve as the student's official thesis director.

See the current Graduate Bulletin for a statement of University regulations for transfer work.

Plan B: Non-Thesis Option

The research tool must be completed wku thesis filing the Admission to Candidacy form Form D. Graduate assistants are limited to a total of hours per semester. Completion of the Thesis Declaration Form does not obligate you to complete the thesis, but it provides the Department with information about your intentions. Appendices optional The APPENDIX contains supporting information presented in the narrative daily problem solving ks2 other types of information the author believes would assist the reader in understanding the document content.

The Graduate Director will contact the faculty members named on the Form and ask them to verify that they have agreed to serve in those capacities. Some mentors require graduate documents be prepared zoo dissertation ideas a particular style; if so, the student is obligated to follow the mentor's guidelines.

The overall undergraduate grade point average must be at least wku thesis. List of fungal strains used in the biochemical analysis; toxin subtype designation, sequencing types and alleles. Cover letter for career change to medical field of Concentration Each student must take at least four 4 courses 12 credit hours in a field of concentration in order to qualify for their M.

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Each ano ang photo essay tagalog is individually planned with the Graduate Advisor. Figure 1. Thesis Capstone Experience Thesis Capstone Experience and Timeline The Department of Communication offers a thesis option and a non-thesis option for students who complete the Masters degree.

However, in order to begin the process of considering the thesis-option, students should follow these steps.